Should I change my blog name?

I’ve wondered for a while if it sounds like ‘the little room’ as in the euphemism for toilet.

And then someone commented upon the same thing last night :-D

Please vote even if you don’t care either way. I’ve had over 3000 hits on this since it started on 31st Dec and if I’m going to change I’d better do it fast!

If you think YES! Please leave a new name suggestion, the only one I’ve come up with is Rachell’s World and that might be a bit yakky. It doesn’t actually have to include the name ‘Rachell’ at all.

10 thoughts on “Should I change my blog name?

  1. That’s never crossed my mind, but maybe it’s a British thing? If you decided to change it though, maybe you could just change it to “Rachell’s Room”? Or something crochet-esque? I personally like it as it, though!

  2. The toilet never crossed my mind either, although I do know one or two people who refer to it as ‘the little room’. I think it’s a lovely name for your blog. Makes me think of Virginia Wolf and having a room of one’s own. :)

  3. I’m with everyone above, I never thought of it as a ‘toilet’ and I actually think it is a great name for a blog, a very trendy name really given the rise in companies etc called ‘the little’ or ‘the big’ etc. The name gives a quaint and cosy image of you sitting in a room with your crafting around you.

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