First circular hat!

I’m pretty pleased with this hat. It’s very stretchy and warm. As the title says it’s my first on circular needles. Just getting the correct 40cm cable with the right 6mm short tips was a little time consuming. 40 cm cable is so short it needs 10cm Symfonie KnitPro needle tips to be useable, rather than the standard interchangeable circular set. Mine look pretty short to me, but are 12.5cm. I got there in the end despite being rather fuzzy about it all. But this was, I freely admit, a #firstworldproblem !

I used yarn left over from my crochet Seashell Scarf and Cabled Owl Jar Cosy mainly because it’s the only chunky I have. It’s Marble Chunky by James C. Brett by the way. Cheap and very cheerful. I do like the variegated colours and the stripy effect near the ribbing.

20131205-111741.jpgHow differently the colours look in this photo! It’s the shifting light. Scotland has 100 mph winds today and the north of England is also suffering. Traffic news is full of lorries blown over on roads. Down south we just have a blustery day with very grey skies.

This Slouchie Beanie pattern designed by Tanis Gray is available free on Ravelry.  I first saw the hat on Hannah’s Not Your Average Crochet blog.  Mine has a mistake or so well, technically it’s got many more than one or two I think, but you can only really tell if you look inside and who would be rude enough to check and scrutinise? The first of anything using a completely new technique is unlikely to be perfect. If I knit another I would try to make it slouchier as it’s not really very, but I’m more likely to surf for different patterns as I like to try new projects all the time. If you have a good recommendation please let me know.

20131205-111756.jpgI hope you’re warm and well wherever you are, hot chocolate and a hat is the way forward here I reckon!

International Crochet Blog?!


United Kingdom 305

United States 62

New Zealand 45

Netherlands 18

Turkey 15

South Africa 12

Australia 12

France 7

Italy 4

Denmark 3

Hong Kong 3

Canada 3

Belgium 2

Egypt 2

Slovenia 2

Macedonia 1

Argentina 1

Greece 1

Norway 1

Lebanon 1

Sweden 1

Poland 1

Bulgaria 1

Ooooh!!! WordPress has a new stats thingy and I love it!

It’s called Top Views by Country. How fascinating!

I’ve travelled lots, and really find it a fun thing to find out where crochet might be an interest.

I notice there’s nothing from India, Japan or China… are they not so into crochet blogs? Or maybe the search engines aren’t available or don’t link to our crochet blogs?

I think I might know the viewer who has visited three times from Hong Kong; and he’s due home in a several hours. Woo hoo! :-)

Here’s my first attempt at crocheting a hat (before the pink hat, which became the pink beanie.) This photo was taken last November and wasn’t set up, it just wibbled it’s way down, but when it’s cold you need to keep a warm face, huh?!

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!!!! (…Saturday to my New Zealand  & Australian lovlies! ;-p)

Sunday Crochet

It’s growing!

I finished this beanie yesterday, it just needed a couple more rounds.

It’s mostly wool in this chunky yarn and feels really warm on the ears. Goodo, ready for any more icy weather we’re going to get.

I learnt what frogging means, in the crochet sense, yesters. The hat below was made last autumn from frogging a scarf I knitted a few years ago, but had never worn…

But when I asked for an honest opinion….”There’s just too much of it” T said on its first outing. I got a second opinion from B: ‘There’s a lot at the top” and so the big gathered hat was frogged too to make my beanie. I’m happy with it.

This wool is staying as it is now!

Crochet news

Yesterday I made myself not start any new projects until I’d a) darned in the ends on the dolls blanket b) sewed up Mr Scrappy c) ordered eyes for Mr S  and d) sorted out the Hilton crochet

a) Done. Tick!

It’s finished, all ends darned in and ready to go to two little girls. I thought one blanket between the two of them for their dollies was a bit mean.

This is the other one when it was a WIP. I saw it being used in dolly covering mode last weekend….

Mr Scrappy being assembled

b) Done. Tick!

c) Done. Tick! Eyes ordered from a seller on ebay

and ummmm d) didn’t get done but I did start a new hat based on Stacey Trock’s FREE pattern available on Ravelry.

Stacey’s patterns are very clear and easy to follow. I can’t recommend her enough. Mr Scrappy is another of her free patterns on her great website ‘Fresh Stitches’

Happy Valentine’s Day! xx