Sunday Crochet

It’s growing!

I finished this beanie yesterday, it just needed a couple more rounds.

It’s mostly wool in this chunky yarn and feels really warm on the ears. Goodo, ready for any more icy weather we’re going to get.

I learnt what frogging means, in the crochet sense, yesters. The hat below was made last autumn from frogging a scarf I knitted a few years ago, but had never worn…

But when I asked for an honest opinion….”There’s just too much of it” T said on its first outing. I got a second opinion from B: ‘There’s a lot at the top” and so the big gathered hat was frogged too to make my beanie. I’m happy with it.

This wool is staying as it is now!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Crochet

  1. I’m loving your stripey blanket Rachel and I’m enjoying watching it grow and develop. Your beanie hat looks perfect too. Sometimes frogging is good, expecially if you can make something that nice from another project. I’m really enjoying your blog posts, Lynne xx

    • Also, since you’re new to the term… I read that they call it frogging because of the noise a frog makes. “rippit, rip it” I thought that was kind of silly.

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