Taking stock – October

Making: my Granny Square blanket and Close to You scarf. I’m focusing on just these two and not dipping into other WIP bags. Some actual finished items would be good

Cooking: soup! It’s that time of year again. Last week it was BNS, Sweet Potato & Red Pepper, yesterday I made this Spicy Parsnip recipe

Sipping: drinking black Yorkshire tea

Reading: City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

Looking: at the birdfeeders, there’s some interest but not much eating yet. They’re stocked up with peanuts, seeds, mealworms and suet balls

Listening: to comedy audio rather than novels: Alan Partridge From the Oasthouse, French & Saunders Titting About podcast, This is This Country and Mortimer & Whitehouse Gone Fishing. All are on Audible UK. (That’s a pure recommendation – no commission, sadly.)

Enjoying: pics of my nieces at the seaside

Eating: lots of veg – sweet potatoes, celery, carrots, parsnips, BNS, cauliflower, swede, carrots, fine green beans…

Liking: all the autumn colour

Blenheim Palace

Loving: the WhatsApp group I’ve set up with friends – inspiring each other with recipes and motivation for keeping going with healthy habits

Buying: a few Christmas presents! Unplanned, but I saw things and thought oooh yes. Feeling organisedish

Watching: Rebecca on Netflix soon – it’s out today. A few rooms at Waddesdon Manor were used as filming locations

Another Dorset apple cake baked on Friday to share with family. We’re awash with Bramley cooking apples after all

Hoping: the same as you all…over…soon…

Wearing: scruffs!

Following: the news but not too much, a general overview of things feels like enough

Noticing: changes in the trees and hedgerows

Sorting: practical things ready for winter, inc getting the heating system sussed out and quotes for hedge and tree trimming

There’s also a bit of a glut of homegrown chillies. They’re ripening even in the fridge

Getting: outside everyday

Saving: money, on all the things we aren’t doing and places we aren’t visiting. Plus no clothes shopping for literally months either, I can’t do the no-trying-on thing and am not a fan of online clothes shopping (much queuing in busy POs for the inevitable returns!)

Bookmarking: autumn warmer recipes like this Mushroom Bhaji

Feeling: positive

Hearing: birds tweeting in the hedge

Tell me what you’re doing, noticing, making, cooking, reading or ?

4 thoughts on “Taking stock – October

  1. Lovely post Rachel- what is BNS? I have made pea soup recently, still knitting my sleeveless jumper, and working on my stitchbook, and reading I am Pilgrim. Like you I have done no clothes shopping this year at all. I am busy palnting bulbs but space is limited.

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling positive. I am finding the continuing restrictions make it hard to feel very positive. Did go for a walk with the walking group this Tuesday. (Groups of six walking in pairs two metres apart round Southampton Common and environs.) We went to see where a tree had had to be cut down and the man doing it had turned the stump into a pretty realistic arm chair. The tree was a forty year old Cricket Bat Willow planted by a cricketer. Apparently you need 12 year old trees for making into cricket bats so not sure what they will do with the off cuts. At present they are beside the tree, making homes for wildlife I suppose. The walk did lift my spirits. Good to be with real people somehow: phone and Zoom though better than nothing are not the same.

    • I’m finding lots of ways to stay healthy, happy and fit – agree that being around people, even just walking around smiling and saying hello to strangers helps. We are social creatures and need to be around others for sure.
      How interesting about the 12 year willows, thanks for that info. The walking group sounds like an excellent idea.

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