This week 

This week I’ve pottered about making-wise and haven’t really done much. It’s been brilliant to feel 100% well again after a rough few weeks. I was concerned there might be something quite wrong. When the GP pronounced my results, and therefore me, ‘normal’, I breathed a big sigh of relief. I’ve steadily gone back to being my usual active self, with a quite a bit of extra grinning. It’s just so good to get your bounce back after feeling awful, isn’t it?

On Wednesday I was out, wondering if I should try to rush home in daylight to take photos for my weekly Yarning post, but decided that was plain silly. It was far more fun to carry on with the five mile walk home I’d planned, in bouncy Tigger fashion as I felt full of beans again. Then I made the decision to have a break from it as I’ve posted YA updates non-stop since April without a week off, even on holidays. It’s time to pause. I let the regulars know there and then, and that happily was that. I’ll still show you what I’m reading regularly; as I like the return comments and links to your posts sharing what you’re making and reading. Do carry on adding yours whenever you feel like it. 

So, this week I’ve made my friend that pot-holder for her new narrow boat, so she won’t burn her hand picking up the kettle. Its a nice pop of pink to go with her scarf curtains too. (Thinking ‘eh?!’ See here.) If you want to make one too click on the My Designs tab at the top of the page for the free pattern. If you do can you let me know, or better still show me your make please? I get regular messages from people saying they’re copying my colour combinations, checking details of patterns or asking for crochet advice etc but frequently I never have an acknowledgement of my reply, or get to see their version. If that’s you: Go on! Show me please! I’m on all the usual social media and Ravelry, so it’s dead easy. 

I finished my bag at Sewing Club on Monday. I guess I don’t need to spell out that I’m not a fan of all the pressing when sewing, especially as the tutor doesn’t use water in her irons. I imagine it’s because she doesn’t want leaky irons in her car but it makes pressing tricky. Sometimes I have sprinkled water from my drinking bottle to steam out particularly irksome creases but this week I lost the will to live iron again, by the bag’s end! That crease line will drop out with use, won’t it? Perhaps if I go out in the rain it will definitely go. That’s maybe an extreme anti-iron solution.

I’m reading Bitter Lemons of Cyprus by Laurence Durrell and I can’t believe how good it is (this to raised eyebrows from Someone who bought it for me in 2014.) It’s funny and written in such an engaging style. I laughed out loud at Frangos and his cattle coming home in the evening, though felt a bit sorry for the one whose tail was being corkscrewed as he ran home.

When adding a few more rows I realised I can’t really decide if the Garter Stitch Blanket is ugly. It’s a stash buster and probably destined to keep someone in need warm, but I don’t want to send a truly hideous offering.

Last night I cooked this Chicken and Orzo one-pot dish but subverted the recipe using a little rapeseed oil, as I refuse to use yucky Fry Light.  It was very tasty, but next time I’ll substitute the suggested spices for smoked paprika, fresh oregano and thyme.

What’s your week been like? Whatcha making, reading and cooking at the mo?

8 thoughts on “This week 

  1. I like your hot pad and the color of it too. I actually have done that stitch, I called it “gentle ridges”. I’d love to see photos of your friends long boat, inside and out. I’m in love with them. Have a good weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Told you that book was good, I loved it. Your dinner looks very tasty. Well done on finishing the pan holder and bag. I agree there is far more ironing than sewing in most projects, but you have got a jolly nice bag.

  3. I like the garter stitch blanket. Maybe that’s just me? Either way it does look lovely and warm.
    I’m attempting to crochet a hat. But I’m very busy so it’s not really getting any bigger lol

  4. Very glad you are feeling much better and bouncy with energy. Love your makes. Here I’ve started knitting Xmas jumpers for my young grandchildren but my daughter needs mittens for her children and my grand daughter said nanny you can post them so that’s it. Quickly finish one jumper and digress to mittens I guess. I’m reading a Dahziel and Pascoe novel having discovered their location at the library. Have a good week

  5. So glad you’re back to your old self :)
    I’ve got another slow cook on the go right now – switched the kidney beans for black beans and added some fresh green beans. Real risk-taker, extreme cooking, that’s me! No knitting, no crochet. Just finished the Josephine Tey. Might try and track down another one.

  6. I finished a pair of socks and cast on fingerless gloves. I have finished the first one and I’m amazed how little yarn it takes when using sock yarn. I finished reading Diary in The Attic and really enjoyed it. Now I’m trying to read The Birth of Venus. It’s hard to get interested in.

  7. OMGosh, I’ve forgotten that you sew. What a wonderful bag. I’m in the “bag” phase right now. I’m glad you’re feeling better after having that scare. The soup looks like great comfort food.
    I’m concentrating on finishing up my fantasy book, the third in the series. I LURVE it! One day I will buy the Kindle versions because it’s a series I can read over and over again although I don’t know how many books will be in it. I made three, zipper pouches all day Friday! Their fabrics were cut and interfaced Thursday. Man, I have to clean my iron because it darkens the fabric in places. I got to knit a bit last night while my daughters and I watched more of The Fosters.

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