West Cornwall

Walking part of the south-west coast path, taking numerous photos some in the same spots as last year and the year before: “But it’s so beautiful”, staring out to sea watching gulls drift slowly along the coastline, pasties and cake or an ice-cream for lunch, stopping for an afternoon pit-stop of cider and snacks, guessing how many steps we’ve walked; then checking the pedometer, planning which fish or seafood to buy for dinner, making G&T in slightly too small glasses, swigging the leftover tonic from the can, looking at the OS map and wondering what the weather will do, crocheting in bed in the morning while looking out to sea and listening to an Alan Bennett play….


5 thoughts on “West Cornwall

  1. i enjoy your blog all the way from a small sailboat currently at Jekyll Island, Georgia, USA. Early in September my spouse and I are going to Cornwall (by plane, not sailboat!) and I wondered if you had some recommendation of where we should make our base in Cornwall. It has to be someplace easily accessible by public transportation, as we will not have a car. It’s so hard to tell from guidebooks and websites – everything looks interesting. We have already booked a place in Bristol for a few days and then will be going on to Cornwall but do not yet know where we will stay. We like to stay in one place and do day trips. Any suggestions you would like to make would be very appreciated.

    • Penzance would be worth a look as there is a train station there and buses go out from the bus station along the coastline. It’s far west and the area we really favour, but it really depends on what you like doing. You could contact the Tourist Information Office of any town you are interested in and they can give you specific information for their area.

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