I’m knitting a sock!

Yep I’ve finally stopped talking about it and started! Confession: I couldn’t face the faff of doing a tension square, so asked a few sock knitters about it. A couple said they never do one for socks. The other is also a size 6 and said she starts with the same quantity of cast on stitches I’d guessed I need. I know, I know if it all goes wrong I’ll be playing Prince Charming and finding someone with the perfect sized foot…!

It’s so easy to count rounds of rib when it’s variegated yarn as the little v stitches are different colours. The changing colours make for more interesting knitting full stop as I’m now on the body part of the sock, that’s 60 or so rounds of plain, it is quite dull. But I love that you magically get stocking stitch when using circulars. I must remember to stop and wiggle my fingers and flex my hands as the tiny needles are quite constraining. Maybe I should start a crochet project to alternate with and avoid hand strain.

This week I’ve just started listening to The Girl Before by JP Delaney. The book is a Radio 2 Bookclub choice and I heard the author talking about it in February. It’s a thriller set in London about two women who, at different times, apply to live in 1, Folgate Street. As I listened and knit yesterday I knew there was no way I’d agree to the architect’s terms and conditions. No books?! No pot plants?! No rugs?! And that’s only a few of the specifications. The audio is read by Emilia Fox and Finty Williams. I must stop listening to Finty’s voice and accent rather than fully concentrating on the story. It’s just that I keep analysing whether she sounds like her Mother, Dame Judi.

If you’d like to share what you’re making and reading this week, leave a link to a current post in the comments and I’ll add it here. Don’t forget to link back to this post on your blog, so others can find us and join us in Yarning Along.

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21 thoughts on “I’m knitting a sock!

  1. I see you are doing top down. I use toe up and that way you can try them on at an early stage. (If you put the stitches on cord or something.) I really like the yarn. Still if they aren’t perfect this time you can adjust when you make the next pair. :-)

  2. Hooray for socks! Once you’ve got into the swing of them they’re fab for throwing in a bag and working on when you’re out and about. I really like the yarn you’ve chosen – stripes provide excellent motivation. I did a tension swatch for my first ever sock, but I’d suggest just keeping on going for a bit, then trying it on. You’ll soon know if it’s too big or small. In general you want the sock to be about 10% smaller than your foot so it doesn’t move around while you wear it.

    Here’s my post for this week’s Yarning Along (it also features socks): http://www.vikkibirddesigns.com/2017/05/yarning-along-sandal-weather.html

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