Progress report

Oh yes, I’m pleased with this joining malarkey. Choose the outer colour, zip around round 3 and join one side of round 4. It feels like a fast way of making a blanket.

I’ve just unravelled the matador red motifs, apart from those with it in the middle. It’s not going to work. It was always a bold colour choice – to match William Morris’s red flower centres – but any more than a little splash is going to set the teeth on edge, especially with so much peach going into the mix too.

Random fact: the curtains were originally chosen, in fact the whole room was coordinated, around a cream and peach tapestry cushion I made years back. I know this probably isn’t that interesting without pics but I’m still under house arrest. I’m going to try driving tomorrow with a heavy duty support on the peg. See, you get all the highlights during these days of being patient.

I just had the nicest compliment, via the tweet machine this morning, about my last post. It was from Jennifer Reid who is a crochet designer for Inside Crochet and Simply Crochet magazines. You’ll recognise her patterns straight away if you buy those mags and check Ravelry. It’s always a lovely surprise to hear from different people. She’s also a member of the Darning Sisterhood – the leave them to the end club. Anyone else want to join?

11 thoughts on “Progress report

  1. It’s looking fab Rachel – I love your choice of colours and the square is really pretty. I LOVE join-as-you-go too. I tend to weave over my ends as I crochet so that there’s slightly less weaving in at the ends. Can’t wait to see your final blanket :) xx

  2. It’s looking good. I likey. You are a blogging ninja right now…. And I am not! I guess that’s what being under house arrest does for you…. Especially when it’s sit down and rest your leg house arrest….. Can’t exactly zoom about doing chores.

  3. Ah lacy squares! I had wondered if they were going to turn into squares or hexagons.Shame about having to undo some but better than getting the wrong effect. Looking forward to seeing pics of cushion and curtains.

  4. you still doing the washing up? I’m impressed.
    With squares or hexagons I generally darn in at the end. It’s always a movie night when I’m at that stage. Which I haven’t been for a long time, come to think of it….blankets…now when did I last make anything that big?….

  5. That will be a lovely blanket! I am very happy (fat cat in the sun happy) to see it gradually shaping up. Beautiful colors, joined four times each – perfect!

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