Throw another one in the basket










Friday night’s been G&T time for a long, long time but nowadays Friday night is cocktail night. This week it was mojitos. Mmmmm. I might do a cocktail post of my faves, with recipes sometime. I keep sorely trying someone’s patience while I photograph them before drinking commences!

Fresh juicy cherries and crochet go well.

My Japanese steel snips are incredibly sharp; I have to take care around these. So much faster than grappling for scissors can be, they slide into a plastic cover when not in use. It’s a good job as even the ends are razor-sharp. They were a gift from a posh shop which sells household goods.

I can’t believe how many half completed motifs I’ve done, already. I edge a diddy little middle with a second round and throw it into the basket I rescued from a friend’s jumble sale bag. One (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure.

It’s nearly time to edge some with the third row and join while crocheting the fourth. I’m looking forward to placing the colours and seeing how the overall effect works. It’s definitely a different sort of palate for me.

….Oh and oh yes…the ends. Well I just read Heather’s thoughts about darning, rather than crocheting over them, and realised she’s a kindred spirit in this respect. I groan about them a bit and resolve to tackle the ends as I go but rarely do; getting absorbed in the act of creating. Select the colour, crochet the round, snip the tail, throw the motif into the basket and onto the next. Usually I darn them listening to an audio book, or semi watching a film and find it a soothing activity in itself. This weekend’s film was one I seem to have missed at the time. I really enjoyed the undemanding, sweet, sometimes funny, little story.

What are you up to at the moment?

16 thoughts on “Throw another one in the basket

  1. Haha…coincidence….we had first Mojitos of the summer last night….I wouldn’t have been able to crochet after them though … I had two…they were a tad strong :)
    I love the look of your motifs…the Stylecraft colours you’ve selected for the blanket look lovely together …I love that shade ‘ Camel’ I think it is ? ….a gorgeous,almost butterscotch colour…..I’ve used it loads ….it looks great with the parchment,cream ,walnut etc…yes your WM inspired blanket has lots of shades I like …can’t wait to see it finished !
    I’m currently crocheting the summer garden throw ( pattern from a recent crochet mag) as a shawl…hopefully for THIS summer ! ……in Natura cotton….lovely colours,but a bit splitty …..I’m persevering !

    • It is camel, I’ve never used it before it’s a great colour with the others. I’m enjoying the grey and silver at the moment, though the silver reminds me of school cardies!
      I’d love to see a pic of the summer garden throw, send a pic via my contact page email?

  2. I like looking at your little piles of crochet circles. I like piling up mine when I’ve done them and looking at yours is almost as good – and no work! I used to crochet in the ends till I discovered that the ends come out later. Now I stitch them in too. First one way then back in the opposite direction so there’s no excuse for them to come undone. I find it’s a good job to do when I am with my crafting friends. Something that’s easy to do and good converstion to stop it being boring.

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