This morning I read this blog post on one of my favourite blogs. Look at the clarity of those photographs! Doesn’t it make you want to run out into the garden with a packet of seeds? Sew some leaves? Tie something up in twine? Actually my little seedlings have grown like crazy and I need to hobble down to the sweetpeas and tie them gently to the wigwam of poles. They’re getting a little over enthusiastic.

SEWING: Embroidery is the perfect thing to do when you’re not moving around. It’s been ages since I did any and it’s been lovely. The light is so good when I’m sat on the bed upstairs near the window, far better than downstairs actually.


LOVING: I signed up for Netflix and Amazon Prime free trials for a month so I could occupy myself over the weekend. It’s worked well watching things on my ipad. I absolutely loved a film called Sweet Land. If you haven’t seen it – you must. Others I’ve enjoyed seeing again during my film festival: The Lake House, Mamma Mia, The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood. TV: The Inbetweeners, The IT Crowd.
I’m really really tempted to hire How to Make an American Quilt but it’s annoying to pay when it should (by my decree) be available on the above trials.


MARVELLING: That the cravings for chocolate can be satisfied just by leaving a piece of Green & Black Mayan Gold to melt on your tongue. Mmmmm. Rachel’s marvellous medicine.


WAITING: For my leg to heal and feel stronger so I can become my usual active self again. I’m hoping to go for days out over the weekend to catch up on what I’ve missed. Meanwhile this L’Occitane hand cream is helping to lift the spirits as the smell is divine. Whenever I feel down I’ve always used scents and colours to cheer me up. Lavender works well for me, as does wearing red.


MISSING: Walking around and being outside, but I have a lovely breeze coming in through the window and a super view of swaying leaves, blue sky and fluffy white clouds. I moved around a little too much yesterday, as my man servant was working away for the day, so am trying to rest my leg more and use a cold pack regularly today. I think the muscle’s healing well, but it’s slow. Trying not to think of all my missed plans at the weekend and this week. The ironic thing is I had to reschedule my GP appointment for my physio referral for my elbow ….because I couldn’t walk! It’s a little bit funny.


WONDERING: If now is the time to continue embroidering this IKEA cushion? It could be crazy colourful. It’s good practise for my rusty embroidery skills too. If you search this blog you’ll see when I first had the idea and will notice I didn’t get very far with the plan…


OPENING: A big parcel of yarn which arrived as I started to write this post!


CROCHETING: I will be using this lovely lot to crochet a blanket, as requested, for a room in a relative’s house. It has curtains made with a William Morris design and so the colour choices have been picked to coordinate with them. I think they’re going to work well together.


LOOKING: well, the plan was to watch something on my ipad and embroider, then the yarn arrived. Decisions, decisions!


I loved your links and comments, THANK YOU. I need more please! Well, why wouldn’t I ask again when you’re so good at it? *charming smile*

20 thoughts on “Snapshot

  1. Hope you’re up on your feet again soon, it must be very frustrating. The colours for the blanket are wonderful! And I thoroughly approve of your filmic companions :) It’s always nice to craft in front of something xx

    • I’m glad you like the colours. The top five from the right are my faves – I’m drawn to that spicy combination of the copper, walnut, spice, matador and mocha (I think it’s called.) I didn’t choose them – they were matched to the curtain fabric using my Stylecraft sample book but I’m enjoying using a totally different palate.

  2. You’ve been in the wars :( Glad you’re keeping yourself happy and busy, though. – I love the embroidery, haven’t embroidered anything myself in yonks. Your embroidery hoop looks very appealing.
    Am looking forward to seeing what you do with that lovely wool, blanket-wise – some kind of flowy, organic design?

  3. Definitely continue with the cushion… It will look amazing. Mamma Mia is one of Mr P’s best films… He makes us watch it over and over (weirdo!). I have read the Yaya Sisterhood. Have you had Petit Filous Little Desserts? I discovered the other week that they are only one syn which is fantastically low for the chocolatey hit you get from them… Not as good as some Green and Blacks though.

    • I love MM. Saw it twice over with same friend in Sydney when it came out in cinema. Can’t count how many times I’ve seen it. Mr P must be cool!
      I will do some more on the cushion.
      I’ve crocheted 44 middles and 22 with two rounds tonight! Crochet is flying of the hook. New yarn holds the power!
      Have you read the other two Ya Ya books? The DSYS is the best by far.

  4. Look forward to seeing your requested blanket. Interesting colour combination. I love William Morris designs. Would be good to see a photo of what you are matching. I vote for doing a bit more of the cushion. It is an ambitious projects but I did like the idea when you first revealed it. Almost felt tempted to try it myself even though my embroidery is not half as good as yours.

      • I’ve struggled with manual dexterity issues all my life – from inky spider comments about my handwriting (and we did use ink wells in those days) to not getting to make my craft home because I was too slow to complete it. I really admire people who have beautiful handwriting, even tiny stitches, or fluid drawing and painting, with a sort of overtone of sad regret that I cannot do the same. That’s why I like crochet. If the stich doesn’t come out right first time you can redo it untill it does.

  5. I’m glad to hear your leg is getting better, but I guess the longer you rest the quicker it will heal. The cushion project looks fab- but so does the yarn…decisions decisions! Enjoy the chocolate- it’s one of my favourites. GET WELL SOOOOOOOON!!!!!!

  6. Oh you poor love, I am happy to hear you are getting better though.
    And what a bunch of gorgeousness you’ve got to keep yourself occupied with in the meantime. I love it all. I hope you have a beautiful weekend lovely lady.
    Love Kate xx

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