All the good stuff





I don’t think there’s anything better than a stroll along a seafront, a paddle in the sea, fish and chips on the beach and a creamy ice cream in the sun on a bank holiday weekend.
The pebbles pic could be used on that clever website (I don’t know what it’s called, and am feeling too Bank Holiday Monday lazy to press a few buttons to find out) which gives a colour chart, based on the range of colours in a photograph, for a blanket, or fabric patchwork.





Yes please, I said. It’s my birthday soonish and so, yes please I’ll have that beach hut. Thank you very much.

Anemones? Sticky up like electrical wire which is partly stripped back, just standing up in clumps in the sea?

A spot of retail therapy today (damn you Cadbury Outlet Shop; you are bad, BAD, very Bad!!!) and a wander around the historic dockyard of Portsmouth. Even though today was rainy the queue for the Mary Rose museum was long. Must book ahead and go early one day.



A dicey drive home on very wet roads, home to my Stanley who’s very interested to see on Instagram that someone is having all sorts of adventures with Kate and family (Stanley at Legoland) I did eight more rows of knitting after we’d unpacked, made some cups of tea and tried a terribly bad (good) Cadbury Crunchie biscuit. I’m limiting myself to short bursts at the mo. I started this Friday evening, after a friend said she’s knitting two to sell for charity. Guess what it’s going to be? Bet you won’t be able to get it. (Just remember I will never ever knit a toilet roll holder. I promise this much.)

Have you been tempted into eating naughty things this weekend too?

20 thoughts on “All the good stuff

  1. Gorgeous pictures Rachell, and I’m glad you enjoyed your day before the rain. As for the knitting, an afghan blanket? Yes, I too have been eating naughty things- big son’s chocolate birthday cake. Triple choc fudge, yum, yum. I enjoyed dropping by. Karen xx

  2. you had to get in a close-up of fish and chips, didn’t you? (the batter, the batter!!!)
    I think you’re knitting a blanket for Stanley. Or a little bag. Or a steering wheel cover.

  3. Ha ha Jill, steering wheel cover!! That website….. Design Seeds. Yes, had lots of naughty things…. Bar meal (only 1 so far) including puggin, lots of beer and wine, rocky road and chocolate cake!!! Glad you got to the beach, it looks fabulous. Mr P’s brother was a diver working on the Mary Rose when they raised it.

  4. And I thought in your country fish & chips are always served in the newspaper … If it’s not the steering wheel cover (good one!) and not the toilet roll holder it’s probably some sort of beachwear. A swimsuit maybe?

  5. I loved looking at your pictures! I usually stay in my caravan on the coast for the bank holiday weekend but I had to work all weekend this time :-( Those beach huts are gorgeous and I’ve never seen anemones like that! Cool! I ate naughty things too- I had a hangover and ate almost 2 pizzas yesterday (one of the perks of working in a pizzeria I guess!). Enjoy your treats- those crunchie biscuits are yum!

  6. Cadbury outlet shops are dangerous places. I spent my bank holiday casting on Stephen west’s summer kal. Couldn’t resist. .

  7. What a lovely trip… I wish I could go somewhere relaxing but I’m moving at the moment … I think you are knitting a magazine holder ???
    Thanks for the visit my sweet friend :)

  8. You’ve got to love a beach hut, I always wanted one when the kids were growing up, but they are so expensive to higher :( my grandparents had one when my dad was a little boy, so many fun stories they could tell. I’m loving Stanley :)

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