I need your help, please

For ages there’s been one item I want to crochet from this book:

But I’m stumped, really stumped right at the beginning of the pattern for the Cabled Yoke Cardigan…

I’m wondering if the hitch is because I’m crocheting as a leftie, though there shouldn’t be a problem other than the cable slanting t’other way. Maybe there’s a pattern problem (extremely unlikely) or maybe I’m just being daft and getting something wrong. The little strip looks good enough until row 4, which is actually row 2 repeated. After then the cable morphs into a tangle.
Can you have a little go at this for me? It’s just 5 rows of 8 stitches, so it’s not a huge ask. If you’re a leftie even better but it doesn’t matter as long as someone has a go. This is an SOS of frustration!
Here’s the cable pattern. Please don’t ask me to send you the rest of the pattern as I will not – you’ll have to buy it or borrow the book from a library.

Thank you! Pennies from heaven if you can help.

20 thoughts on “I need your help, please

  1. I worked a little bit as requested and I can get it to work out correctly so after row 5 you are back where you started and the cable looks correct (I am right handed).

    I think the critical row is row three. I was too clever the first time and the cable came out back wards. The second three RdtrF are worked in front of the first three RdtrF to give the cross-over.

    Maybe just knowing the pattern IS okay will help.

  2. Hello, I’m a leftie too so felt your pain with crochet patterns! I have just tried out the pattern repeat and the first two times I couldn’t get the right cable direction because I was cabling the second set of dtr in front of the first three instead of behind, but it has now worked. Hope this helps, not sure how to describe:

    On row 3: chain three and then miss the first four stitches (including the first turning chain stitch (stitch 1) and first three trebles on row below (2, 3, 4)). Make your first dtr into the next three stitches front-post-wise (5, 6, 7). Then – and it was tricky for me to do left handed – you have to kind of crochet from behind but round the front of the post of the stitch below, in between the first turning chains you made and the first dtr in the fifth stitch to get into the first treble of the row below (which is actually stitch 2) Sorry if this doesn’t explain better. Then you do the next two stitches the same way (stitches 3 and 4) as dtr front-post-wise and then hop to the end finish with a treble in the final stitch (8), which is the third chain of the row below.

    On row 4 (weong side): you chain up three again and then back-post-treble the stitches in reverse order of the row you’ve just done – so the third of the tricky stitches behind the cable first (that’s the fourth stitch when you are looking at the work from the right side) then the second, then the first, and then you work the dtr you made first (the ones that were made after missing three stitches), so looking from the front of the work that’s stitch 7, then 6, then 5! The order, when viewing from the right side, of working this row is: 8 (this is just the turning chains) then treble into 4, 3, 2, 7, 6, 5, 1.

    Is this too confusing? Sorry, I read it back and it sounds it! But maybe it will help a bit, you have to keep looking from the other side, but it should work.

    Good luck!

  3. Yo. Just read your post now, was going to try and help you figure it out but I see the amazing Jane has already done so. (Might still have a look later, if I find a window….) The cardigan is very lovely, I haven’t seen one like that before. Sigh. Now I’ll have to buy the flipping book….

  4. Hi Rachel,

    I just tried the pattern, and it works. There is no mistake in it.
    And I have two ideas to help you.

    The first idea:

    You could find a video on youtube, which explains
    cabled crochet. (There were several of them, when I tried to learn it.)
    Then you will download it.
    Afterwards comes the important part:
    Choose a viewer, which is able to change left and right.
    So you will see the pictures for a leftie.

    The second idea:

    In those rows, before you do the crossing of the stitches,
    that is in row 2, 6, 10 and so on, you can mark the first
    stitch with a thin piece of yarn in a certain colour,
    the following 3 stitches in another colour,
    the next 3 stitches in a third colour,
    and the last stich in another colour.

    So after twisting the stitches for cables, it is easier
    to recognize them.

    Don’t give up, you will be successful sooner or later!



    • Thanks for your reply Sylvia. I can do cable crochet already and see the stitches – it’s a particular row and going into the correct stitch from a leftie POV which was the issue it seems, a left handed photo version would make all the difference :-)

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