Really nice shopping

Supermarket, butchers and fabric shop… I know which was more fun by far!

I’ve bought a few metres of each fabric for my next make. I’m planning to work through my Cath Kidson Sew! book as I like 99.9% of the makes. Of course it might be saved for the next girl’s sewing day as my friend and I have discussed making a different bag every time we get together . You can never have too many bags, right?

On the crochet front I’m still working my way through hooking up mini bunting as a commission from my local shop.


What crafty items have you bought lately?

12 thoughts on “Really nice shopping

  1. Ooh that fabric is lovely. I broke my “no more wool til the stash is gone” rule today and bought some lovely fawn-coloured 4-ply, so soft and perfect for a baby cardigan or two. :)

  2. Oh don’t ask, I don’t need any encouragement. Actually it’s partly your fault for showing how interesting crochet squares can be. (That’s a compliment really, and thanks!) I’ve taken a crochet refresher class to learn enough to make a crochet blanket in the colours of a rose garden. Have been buying up the yarns and getting underway….such fun.

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