Look at this lovely lot of colours…

I’ve been asked to make some crochet samples to put in my local shop, around their new yarns as samples for customers and perhaps provide a little colour inspiration.

I have to say that my mind is spinning with possibilities: flowers, perhaps crocheted together hanging down on the shelves, a little seasonal family of hedgehogs? Some mini bunting….?

I’ve been offered some money per hour for the crochet, and a completely free rein to make whatever I want. But when you get an exuberantly warm welcome, enjoy a friendly chat with both the Mr & Mrs and always leave smiling how can you charge for doing a favour, especially when it’s something you love?

Oh and they’ve gratefully received rainbow trout on several occasions which really puts them high in my estimation. (You really can have enough trout.)

No more chatting….I’m off to create.

14 thoughts on “Commissioned

  1. I love the idea of a family of hedgehogs. I’m sure you’ll have fun with whatever you go with. (I’ve been reading for a while, but thought I’d come out of the woodwork to say hi!)

  2. Well done on getting the commission ! Bunting would be nice …and quick too; plus with the “C” word looming….maybe some snowflakes ? ……they could always be multi-coloured ,to show off the variety of yarn and shades available, or go down the traditional route and have a few white ones interspersed with the bunting triangles ?
    Have a lovely weekend x

  3. Oooooo loads of possibilities. Bunting’s a great idea for a shop though. Trout comments made me laugh…. Do you think it would be stinky when it got here if you sent me some?? Knowing Royal Mail……

  4. Oh my goodness Rachell you are on a roll … How wonderful to think about being able to make money doing something you love… At the same time as you said when you are doing something you live you are alreay being rewarded just by doing it …
    That is so great… Enjoy the journey !💗

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  6. The first thing that came to mind when looking at your basket of yarn (beautiful colours, by the way) was… watermelon!! the top left hand corner colours would be perfect for something watermelon themed!! I knit a cute little baby hat in a watermelon design :) if it was socially acceptable to wear fruit themed headgear in your twenties I would definitely have made a bigger version. Can’t wait to see what you make, good luck. Sophie xx

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