Knitting on the bus

I’ve knitted in pubs, cafes and once crocheted outside a vets, where I found even the dogs give you a quizzical look, but I’ve never knit on a bus before. It’s been a relaxing debut and not too irritatingly clicky for other people as I’m using my gorgeous new Clover bamboo size eights. Chunky wool and warm light wooden needles make knitting a superbly tactile and relaxing experience. I must remember to stop in time to jump off at Baker street!

Happy Saturday all.

10 thoughts on “Knitting on the bus

  1. What a lovely thing to do Rachel, and what a gorgeous colour you have there! You obviously don’t suffer from travel sickness – I tend to get a bit queasy if I read for a prolonged time while the car is moving so haven’t attempted knitting or crochet at such times. Maybe I should!
    Joy x

  2. :) I crochet on a train sometimes.It takes me seven hours to go and visit my mum,so I always spend my travelling time in doing something nice…like reading or,lately,crocheting,as it is only a year that I start to use yarn and hook…People didn’t mind me when reading,but I felt some curious gazes on myself when I crocheted….

  3. I have found that knitting socks on a train with 5 metal needles sticking out means no one wants to sit next to you. (Bamboo circulars are a little more friendly). Love that colour.

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