Butterfly Flutterby


Can you count how many? There are plenty of bees and white butterflies too.


20130809-153448.jpg Can anyone name the type of butterfly? Red admiral? Peacock? Painted Lady? I need one of those spotter guides…

It’s been a while and I’ve forgotten the types I used to recognise by sight.


I should be using the SLR but haven’t got around to loading the software on my laptop. I will and one day you might be treated to sharp images. The iphone and my little point and click do ok but I could take it to the next level maybe…


I’m so much better now, the drugs did the trick. Thanks for all your well wishes.

I realised I was perkier when I started singing along to music and talking to myself out loud again. To be absolutely honest it was when I said something and laughed out loud that I knew. Madness!

An upside of the Mr working in Brussels at the moment is the supply of Belgium chocolate every weekend. On Mondays it’s a case of “Safe flight, don’t forget the milk caramel and more of the scrummy dark orange please.” Ha ha!





Have a lovely weekend all. :-D

10 thoughts on “Butterfly Flutterby

  1. I haven’t seen a peacock butterfly in years – I miss them. However I did see my first red admiral on Wednesday :-)

  2. I’m so glad to hear you are quite mad again Rachel! Well done to the drugs then!
    Love your butterflies – love all butterflies, but these are beauties. Keep enjoying the chocolate and making us all jealous.
    Joy x

  3. Glad you’re feeling better. The Butterfly Conservation page on facebook has a chart of butterflies as they are asking as many people as possible to join the “Big Butterfly Count” – counting them in your garden to assess numbers as it had been a bad year so far. Lovely garden, great pics!

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