Yarn Along

This week I haven’t done any knitting and only a little bit of crochet. To be honest I just haven’t felt like it; I’ve not been well for a week and a half, but hopefully am on the mend. If not there’s going to be a blood test for glandular fever. No thank you very much. It’s quite hard to tell if I’m feeling perkier today since the antibiotics make me feel so unwell, but I think I’m feeling better. Time will tell.

I popped to the library this morning though as I though it might be a good idea to get out.


The little grey paperback is my current read – Goodbye to all That by the writer and poet Robert Graves. Originally published in 1929 then reread, for the first time since publication, and revised by the author in 1957 it’s an account of his childhood and experiences as a young officer in the First World War. I wanted to read something by Graves after reading Pat Barker’s superb Regeneration trilogy.

I’ve been watching a bit of The Barefoot Contessa for the first time on The Food Network this last few days. I’m not altogether convinced by her ‘recipes’ but then the series is titled ‘Basics’ or similar. Seeing some lovely foodie places in San Francisco on one episode made me grab Jamie Oliver’s book. I’m definitely convinced by his food, especially after using others of his cookbooks and eating at his restaurant Fifteen when it opened and several times over the years.

I pounced on the Alice Bliss novel as I’ve had it on my Audible wishlist for ages, but if I can read it for free without using a credit then even better.

My audio book this week is The Brimstone Wedding by Barbara Vine, read by Juliet Stevenson. I wonder if she was told to go fast for this one as the measured pace of Sweet Tooth is definitely not evident! It’s a gripping story; the main character’s just gone to a long abandoned cottage and apart from discovering lots of dust, finds mostly furnished rooms with touches like a vase of dried brittle flowers in place, paintings and photographs and also a 1960s car in the garage. Intriguing!

The yarn part of my post today is starting to knit a foot for the (hopefully not too deformed looking) cat. But you probably guessed that I cast on the 7 stitches just for this post. He’s coming along slowly.

I realise my Yarn Along posts are far more about what I’m reading than yarn, but think that’s ok – I love to see what others’ are reading and enjoying, or not. If you do too check out Kate’s library posts for a start.

I have been feeling a bit funny about the whole blogging thing lately, it sometimes feels as if it’s a bit show-and-tell for adults with a bit of pointless thrown in but I ignore the feeling, which passes, and carry on. But do you ever wonder about this aspect of blogging too? (Those using it to advertise and link to their business need not reply. I also know about inspiration and other positive aspects. )

I’m joining in again with Ginny. What are you crocheting / knitting and reading at the moment?


Finally, I thought I’d add this photo as our whole buddleia is full of butterflies at the moment. It’s a lovely sight.

17 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. Hope you recover soon :-)
    Books (audibles are the best), I have heard of so many that I’m not going to obsess … Lol…..about the blogs, I have seen lots and I each one is unique even though the theme might be similar to other blogs , mine deals with my journey to become a pseudo extreme crochet artist and I love to teach :-)

  2. Keeping everything crossed for you that it’s not glandular fever and hope you are feeling much more perky very soon. I have loads of butterflies in the garden too at the moment and the scent from the buddleia drifts in through the open window in the evening. Continuing with cushion covers and A Clash of Kings (it’s very thick and I only do a chapter a night tops before I nod off!). The boys are currently attaching their stickers to their charts for the reading challenge. Some are scratch and sniff…. They stink!

  3. Hope you feel better soon- the point of blogging- friendship- where would I have been without you! Brimstone wedding- brilliant, and how is the Graves book- was he not the honey for tea poet?
    Take careX

    • That was by Rupert Brooke. Another war poet of the time. He also wrote The Soldier which has the line…”That there’s some corner of a foreign field that is forever England”….it is a complete tear-jerker.

      Goodbye to all That is good so far, I
      like the flashes of dry humour, but he’s still recounting school days. Grim is yet to come I imagine.

      Thanks for your sweet message. :-)

  4. Yes I wonder sometimes too. I like the reply from nancathy2, friendship. Exactly. I don’t actually know you (in the real world) but feel as though I do, and I always enjoy your posts, the snippets, the “bits of pointless”, enjoyable all the same. Keep blogging.

  5. Hope you are better soon and it’s not glandular fever. I have sometimes wondered lately why am I putting out all this about me and my family (as well as the crafting) but I think it’s all about making connections, sharing with others, just like you do in a group setting. I really value all the blogging friends I have made.

  6. I do hope you are feeling better soon Rachel, and that it doesn’t turn out to be glandular fever, which takes a lot of getting over!
    I love blogging for the friendship it creates, as well as the inspiration and encouragement and have ‘met’ some beautiful people through sharing!
    Joy x

  7. Hope you are feeling a bit better by the time you get this. I’ve been thinking about your show and tell comment, and in a way blogging is like that (especially for us makers). But that’s an important part of it – I WANT you to show me what you make, and tell me how you make it, and tell me who it’s for and how you worried that it got lost in the post to India, but then it got unlost and your friend loved it… If I didn’t want that, I wouldn’t read your posts.
    For me, apart from the businessy side of it (which didn’t exist when I started blogging, by the way, so that wasn’t originally an incentive), it’s Share and Engage. You crochet people are the best for giving input and feedback on my ideas, even if (sometimes especially if) you live in a different country and do/see things differently. I have made lots of new friends (aw…….:-) ) and have engaged with them and connected to them on many levels, and been inspired and encouraged, and hopefully done a bit in return. I have found new customers and new outlets and new resources and new services, which has been a fantastic benefit, and makes me realise that, when I first had my own business many many years ago, I was practically working in a vacuum.
    Ok, enough now.
    Let us know how you are, poor old sausage.

  8. Writing a blog has really helped me keep positive. I became ill a few years ago and have a chronic condition that prevents me from working. My days are now full of home based projects, chores and helping out with grandchildren when I have the energy. Showing and telling for me helps me feel I have achieved something and the positive reinforcement that comes from other bloggers is amazing. Reading other blogs gives me inspiration and courage to try new things – you inspired me to make a crochet bag, I’ve now made three. I sometimes feel a fraud that I only portray my achievements and happy moments, but I don’t want to share sad or negative things – my blog keeps me in a good place., and is only small. Hope when you feel well and stronger you will feel more positive about your blog, I love it and read all of your posts x

    • Sorry to read you’re not well. That must be difficult.
      It wasn’t negativity about my blog per se, just a moment of questioning and reflecting about the process. This will no doubt occur again, I find it goes in cycles.

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