Week 40: CAL Blocks #169 #173 #177

#169 Interlocking Stripes

I crocheted this one in September! It was week 2 of the CAL (crochet along) and I wanted to check my colours and see how they looked. I decided there and then, at the end of the block, that I was missing an element and bought the yellow. Since then I’ve had serious doubts about my colour combination, but have yet to dig all my blocks out and place them together. My plan is to do this at the end of the crochet part of the CAL. They’ll probably go together far better than I expect, but there’s still always the option to separate them and make a couple of smaller items if my teeth start tingling.

IMG_2451#173 Big Round

5 1/2″ square

I like the middle lots!


#177 Trio

After using the box colour I let the wool hang down behind the block as I worked with it facing me, I found this was a neater finish than my usual method of bringing it to the front ready for the return row with jacquard crochet, like I used for the Union Jack cushion front (still waiting to be crocheted together with buttons sewn on…oops.) I worked over the main colour as I double crocheted the boxes and you can see the strands a bit on the yellow boxes because of the colour difference. I know if I stranded them across the back of the block I’d fiddle with them all the time and eventually break them off if it was in a blanket I was snuggled beneath.

I have to be honest and say that I’m a bit fed up about this one. It’s not just not neatly straight at the side of the trio like the book’s and like Rainbow Junkie’s perfecto block. I’m not altogether sure where I’ve gone askew. Is it the yarn do you think? Being baby cashmerino it’s thinner than the DK that most others are using for the CAL. Shall we blame the yarn?!!?!!
I finished the last stitch before the first of the box with the new colour, and my Union Jack is pretty neat using Styelcraft special DK in this way. So really, it IS the YARN!?*?!!!IMG_2449Week 40! Wooo!

I’ve been on a bit of a crochet bent lately and SO…….drum roll please: I only have 3 more blocks to crochet. Yes!


I shall not deviate from my path as your leader and will keep on with my posting three blocks a week blog schedule, but I am on the penultimate-penultimate block now which is exciting. Someone says that term doesn’t work and doesn’t make sense. We all know it does. :-D

Thanks for your feedback, it seems that my suggestion to pause at the end of the crochet part of the CAL for a long summer break is a good one. I’m glad you agree. We can begin sharing blocking and joining methods, maybe asking for placement advice and generally talking borders and blankets etc from September. I’m looking forward to thinking about other things in the meantime and know that I’ll be feeling refreshed and ready to take on the mammoth blocking and joining part. Also as Manty from A Little Patch of Heaven says it will give her, and the others who came to the CAL later. a chance to catch up.

Have a very happy weekend all.

7 thoughts on “Week 40: CAL Blocks #169 #173 #177

  1. If the yarn is thinner it is bound to make a difference. For 177 I used both ends of the ball of background colour as I had done in an earlier similar block. So I didn’t need to crochet over the background colour. Don’t know what would have happened if I had. I like 173 too. 177 has a particular look maybe you should just like it that way!

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