Doggy paddle


I’ve just embroidered this bag for my cousin’s birthday.  She loves scotty dogs.  I wasn’t too sure about the Hello design initially. It’s silly but I wondered if it looked like the dog had puffed the hello out of his bottom, like one of those sky-writing aeroplanes. The thing is I probably shouldn’t have said because now you’re either wincing at the bad taste, or thinking ‘OMG it does actually!”

I used some Sublime Stitching embroidery transfers from one of my books for inspiration, though actually traced them onto the bag with a fabric pen because it was one I wanted to test. Here you see the finished bag soaking in a basin to remove traces of the pen.  I was going to call this post ‘Doggy style’ but Someone thought it might be inappropriate. Surely I can’t be held accountable for the state of others’ minds, can I? 

14 thoughts on “Doggy paddle

  1. I love your embroidery Rachel, it’s fab although I did smile at your comments. I didn’t think it looked like the doggie had puffed a hello out of his bottom :). My other half too umbridge at me putting “my services” on my website – said I sound like a call girl. So I’ve had to change it to “services I offer” – he was happier with that. Men – what are they like!!!

  2. Lol! That’s a clever wee Scottie dog to be able to do that!! You might have got a lot of hits if you had called it Doggy style, although they might not be the visitors you want!!

  3. Definitely looks like a hello puffing dog ;) but it looks great…dirty minds? Who would have one of those!? I’m sure I don’t know what you mean!

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