Week 37: CAL Blocks #133 #137 #141

This turned out to be the week of some very dodgy colour combinations….


#133 Sunshine Stripes

5 – 5 1/2″ but easy enough to stretch out I think (hope.)

It’s beginning to dawn on me that I’ve referred to future block-blocking so many times that now I  have 37+ weeks of it ahead of me. How about we have a BAL next? 3 blocks a week and we post about how successful we are finding it, plus share any tips and techniques? No? Ok.


#137 Criss Cross

5 1/2″ sq.IMG_2410

#141 Quartet

5 1/2″ W, 5 1/4″ H. Can be stretched out pretty easily as there’s lot of give.

I took these photos a few weeks ago, but actually the sun is shining today and all feels well with the world. It is funny how so many bloggers refer to the weather; I suppose it’s inevitable because of how it affects our activities and moods. I’ve been longingly looking at Aussie and Kiwi bloggers’ pics all winter: sunshine, beach picnics and cooling drinks. But now it’s all hot chocolate and hot water bottle covers!  Speaking of which, have you seen Kate’s HWBC of Greedy for Colour? And this one.


I’ve been checking out the other block maker’s blogs this week, after getting a bit behind on my reading (BlogLovin said I had 95 unread posts the other day!) There are a band of us still plodding onwards. I can’t believe we’ve been going since September. Well done everyone!

Yesterday a bloggy good friend sent me a link to crochet workshops at Loop, London. Looking at the skills they teach I realised how much I’ve learnt and practiced things like changing colours, following patterns, trying new stitches and just gaining confidence with crochet through doing the CAL with you guys. If little and often is a good way to learn and hone something new then a CAL is definitely a good, sociable, way to do so. If you’re newish to crochet then I’d consider starting a CAL (or joining an existing one on the Ravelry website.) You could always buy  the Jan Eaton 200 Crochet Blocks book and start another round of this CAL.

Talking of sociable I crocheted #157 Boxed Square with a friend last Friday afternoon. She knitted a sock while I hooked away. It was a really nice time but when I’d darned in the ends, still chatting merrily away, I looked at my mid-block joins and honestly, they are like a wave. Lack of counting, lots of chatting!!!!! I should probably redo it, but it’s one of those dc dc dc dc dc dc blocks. Argh!

What have you learnt doing the CAL? If you’re not CALing with us, has it inspired you in any way?

9 thoughts on “Week 37: CAL Blocks #133 #137 #141

  1. Lol, a BAL!! Sounds like I need to get my running shoes on, quick escape needed! Like you I think I have learned LOADS. A little and often is a great way to do things. Baby steps towards a big goal. My catch up progress has floundered a bit this week.. Too tired after work :(

  2. I do feel I’ve learnt lots of crochet techniques and stitches but I am wondering how the joining will go and if I will be able to keep up with other people. I was intending to do the initial round of dcs for my chosen joining method as I went along but I have actually only completed it for a handfull of blocks.

  3. Hi Rachell, thanks for your lovely comment, I will post a tutorial soon but it will be more of a tutorial than a pattern because I have discovered all hot water bottles are slightly different sizes – who would have thunk it?

  4. I had forgotten how to do any crochet except for trebles before joining the CAL. It has been totally brilliant for learning skills but also great cos I have been in contact throughout with others who have helped and encouraged along the way. A BAL! I don’t expect to block a single square I shall just tug/shove into shape as I join!

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