Week 28: CAL Blocks #82 #83 #84


#82 Webbed Lace

This is the runty one of the litter this week, I’ve crocheted it with a 4mm and 3.5mm hook. Both are rectangular, nowhere near square. Guess what I’m going to say about this pattern? (Prizes if you get it.)

This would make a nice Springtime scarf in the right kind of yarn! (Did you win?)

4mm=6″W x 5″ H

3.5mm=5 3/4″W x 4 1/4″H


#83 Diamond in a Square

3.5mm=5 1/4″ but then I added two more R8 to enlarge the block so it’s 5 3/4″. I just fancied using my pink 3.5mm hook for a change from the blue 4mm, so I did.

Now tell me is there a mistake in the instructions for R6? There don’t seem to be enough instructions before the corner space stitches. I just trebled along until the last 3htr, surely it should specify 14tr then 3htr? There’s always the photo in the book to check; but I think of how confused I’d have been if this particular block was the first I tried as a newbie.IMG_2260

#84 Combination Stripes

5 3/4″ – 5 1/2″ depending on if you’re measuring the fat or thinner end!

I thought this was less wonky than my usual (unblocked) corner squares, but looking at this photo I’m not so sure. Generally the corners where you increase, rather than decrease, come out less wibbly for me. It’s probably all about the tension.


Week 28! Wow I can’t believe we’ve been going since 1st September crocheting and posting pics! WELL DONE if you’ve been with me since the beginning and are still crocheting along. I could post a list of links to current block-makers’ blogs in my CAL week 29 post to make it easy for readers to click to yours so they can have a peep. Just send me a link to your last CAL post here if you fancy.

I’ve heard from Jen of The Eclectic Stitch to say she’s rejoining the CAL which is cool. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of her blocks.


I’m thinking of taking part in A Mile of Mice which according to the Make & Craft website involves: ‘knitting a mile of knitted mice to raise funds for The Alzheimer’s Society. 7600 mice need to be joined nose to tail and measured at Altrincham Football Ground in October 2013 to gain a Guinness World Record and gain publicity for The Alzheimer Society. Knitters can be sponsored and the mice will be sold off after the Big Measure to raise more money for them. Donations of money, wool or stuffing most welcome from people who don’t want to knit themselves.’

I thought I could make a pink alpaca mouse, or two, from my Knitting and Stitching Show workshop wool. Every mile of mice needs a pink alpaca family.

Shall we get involved and do a mini KAL? (Knit-along) but with no fixed schedule? I’m happy to post links to blogs/photos showing completed mice. It could be squeaking good fun. What do you reckon?

10 thoughts on “Week 28: CAL Blocks #82 #83 #84

  1. Very interested in a KAL! And for a great cause too! I’ve tried following the ‘a mile of mice’ link but it doesn’t work – is it just me? I’d love to find out a bit more about it :)

  2. Your corner square – combinantion stripes block is definitely squarer than mine!
    I agree with you about sizes and mistakes, maybe Jan Eaton was getting tired. :-). I’ve just completed 85 and nancathydotcom is definitely correct about a discrepancy in the number of chains for the corners. I went with using four rather than three for row 5.

  3. Hi
    thank you so much for your interest in my Mile of Mice project the response has been way above anything I hoped for
    we will be inviting everyone to the measure day I really hope its something you can attend
    thanks Libby

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  5. Thanks for mentioning me in the post, I have just done my first update for the blocks I did last week, I shall be doing more this weekend for sure! Your’s are looking really good!

  6. I realize this comment is YEARS after, however, I thought it might be worth mentioning (just in case anyone happens to come across this post randomly like I just did) that you’re missing 2 rows from the “Webbed Lace” block which would have made it square. I just recently made this block and cut it down to 27dc wide instead of 31dc as written which seemed to also help it square out.

    • I’ve checked and it does look like I missed out a row or two on both the first and last rows, however I recall that no one actually found the pattern made a square block, without adjustments. It is definitely a case of tweaking the stitch count, as you have done.

      I still think this would make a lovely scarf pattern.

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