It’s -2 0c today, it’s snowing steadily (The blobs on the top photo are snowflakes sailing down close to the camera lens) and we’re expected to have 6″ inches by the end of the day, with it continuing to snow over the weekend. 60 schools, and counting, are closed  with announcements that many are to finish at lunchtime. I love the drama!

I also love the warming winter food. This is today’s menu so far:

Porridge with apricots for breakfast

Carluccio’s Florentine hot chocolate for elevensies

Bacon sandwiches later for lunch. YUM.

What’s the weather doing where you are?

12 thoughts on “Warming

  1. The new round photos in galleries are so cool (excuse the pun)! I’m hoping our weekend plans will be cancelled so that I can stay home and crochet for hours on end, nice and snug under all the yarn. When you don’t need to be outside, a snow day is a lovely day don’t you think?

  2. We only have a little bit of snow so far. All the schools are open and all the roads are clear. Weird because we often get quite a lot of snow. I’ve been to work and am home now, the boys are only across the roads so it can snow lots (although Mr P might get stuck in Leeds lol!)

  3. Couple of inches of snow in Brighton and buses finishing early, so I had to get back from work early too :)
    Now enjoying a nice cup of tea in front of the fire. Bliss.

  4. I live in the Northeast USA and we haven’t had any snow at all this winter. Very disappointing. I don’t want a lot but a couple of inches would be nice. Enjoy. And I love reading your blog because it involves two of my favorite things: crochet and England. It’s on my bucket list to come see it sometime.

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