Jewel baby blanket

I started this after Christmas. The plan after making four full-sized blankets was to have a lonnnng blanket-making holiday. But you probably know better than me how it happens; you look at the amount of yarn you’ve managed to accrue over a year, someone you know announces she’s preggers and you’re off!

It’s my own design. I’m doing a random mix of rows of trebles, half trebles and double crochet (sometimes single rows, sometimes more.) Mostly I’m turning at the end of rows, sometimes I don’t as I like the variety of textures and height of stitches this gives. It will have a border around it. There’s no huge hurry to complete this as the baby’s not due for a few more months.

The Mum-to-be doesn’t know if the baby is a boy or girl but is quite rightly in my opinion “all for colour equality” so there’s my favourite Stylecraft Special DK pomegranate in the mix. I’ve used a few yarns which aren’t jewel colours (meadow and sherbert) and love the combination. :-D

What are you making at the moment? Did you get sucked into a project when you’d planned another?

9 thoughts on “Jewel baby blanket

  1. I think this is really lovely – really like the colours. I’m about to start a new baby blanket too – which mixed colours as I don’t know if the baby will be a boy or girl. Suits me, I love multicolour :D

  2. I am currently supposed to be making a baby blanket for a pregnant friend. But I have gotten distracted with making necklaces instead! The blanket I am making is maroon, blue, yellow and a variety of creams and whites. When I started the blanket they didn’t know what they were having, but have since found out it’s a boy. So I think the colours will work beautifully. I love a good multicoloured baby blanket (all except for the dealing with the ends…

      • When I worked for Ladybird books they had a report from a baby development expert that said newborns really like sharply defined things and strong colours, best of all they like black and white, their eyes are not developed enough to cope with pastel shades apparently. They like straight lines a lot which is why they like people who wear glasses.

        Your blanket is not only gorgeous its apparently spot on developmentally speaking!

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