Week 18: CAL Blocks #53 #54

#53 Mesh Fantasy
5 1/2″ square

#54 Framed Flower

Getting the hook into the 7ch from the hook (ie: the last) and making a treble without the whole thing twisting around and around is the initial challenge of this block. From then on it’s pretty straightforward, even when you think it’s curly and pulled up in all directions, after R4, it does end up flat and quite square.

5 3/4″ square


I’m looking forward to the next two blocks which both have a 1 hook ‘beginner’ rating, it will be nice to whizz around without too much thought.

How are you getting on with the CAL? Are you still with me? If you are please put up your hand now. (Trish aka Made by Patch & Jane aka Rainbow Junkie, I know you are so you can relax and wear your gold star stickers with pride.)

16 thoughts on “Week 18: CAL Blocks #53 #54

  1. I love the pink in the centre of the mesh square – so bright and pretty.
    My blanket is finished and at the moment I can’t think of another use for another 100 squares, so I am temporarily out of the CAL. :-( It has been great fun, but I am all crocheted-out for the moment!

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