Crochet OFSTED?

I’ve undone and re-crocheted block #1 (of the Stylecraft practice set) because I had a message yesterday saying that the reason it was smaller in size than the babycashmerino block was it had 12 rows in the first half, as opposed to -the correct- 13. Oops! Once I know there’s a mistake or something wrong, it will bug and bug me until I have to do something about it.

The funny thing is that the new and improved block is the same size as the version before, and still the same (smaller!) compared to the other DBBC block. I think it’s due to the fact that although the yarns are both DK one is definitely thinner and more wiggly than the other, plus I’m using a 4mm hook with the babycashmerino, versus a 3.5 mm hook for the acrylic. I’m honestly not at all worried about the differing sizes and I wouldn’t mix the two types of blocks anyway; it would be like using margarine and butter in the same sandwich. ;-)

Oh well, maybe I will get a ‘satisfactory’ rating from The School of Crochet OFSTED team but I don’t care. This is a fun project to practise and improve my skills, while learning new techniques.

Sorry for writing the most boring blog post ever! Xx


8 thoughts on “Crochet OFSTED?

  1. I’m loving this CAL – looks like I’ll have a good mix of sizes, too; it makes it all the more fun deciding how to make them all up! Love your bright colours, very @Summer Garden@

  2. It’s nice to read about OFSTED with pretty pink pictures :-)

    As long as the blocks are similar size, they should join together pretty well. If not you could add a little border around the edge.

  3. I don’t think anyone would have noticed the mistake unless you specifically mentioned it.. My block one and two are now complete and I know that the last corner on block one is bigger than the pattern but I have just done block two and they are the same size so I’m not going to worry too much!! :)

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