Week 1: CAL Blocks #1 #2 #3

I was really keen to start crocheting something new, so I crocheted the first 3 blocks last week. I was feeling a little apprehensive about how long they would take me to accomplish, since I am probably only at an intermediate crochet level at this stage. Will I understand the patterns? Will I master bobble stitch (block #4 uh-oh) spike stitches and the dreaded popcorn which always makes me nervous for some reason, although I’ve never actually tried making one. They’re probably a cinch? I’m also between projects because I’m meant to be darning in all those pesky ends of the Rhubarb Ripple and the Target Squares blankets, but my fingers get itchy if I don’t do any crochet for a day or so.

CAL Resolution: I’m going to darn in every single end when I’ve finished a block before I begin another. Darning is fine, but not 1000 ends at once which holds up the exciting final stage of joining or edging.

Have you made any CAL resolutions? Go on, spill if you have – I’m so nosy.

Here goes then….

#1 Triangle Stripes

#2 Tiny Textures

#3 Square Target

It was all going so well with #1 until the decreasing rows

If the paper can stay this is fine!

Redo – carefully! Counting is the answer.

Stylecraft special DK (SSDK) 6″ square-ish!

Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino (DBBC) Bliss indeed! My first posh wool, it’s so soft to work with and the stitch definition is amazing. Compare block #2 SSDK & DBBC
This is 6.5″ square using a 4mm hook

Oh fudge! I thought this was a perfect first attempt. The needle highlights where the error began

Second try. Ohhh! Spot what I’ve done? (Ignore the tape measure) I added an extra row for this block to try to square it up, then decided to stick with the written pattern for the next attempt (I swear there is one more row in the pictured block in the book…)

HURRAY! Third time lucky
SSDK 3.5mm hook 5.5″ square

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino: 4mm hook 5.5″ high & 5.7″ wide
This is my patch of marigolds

SSDK 5.5″ square

The outer pink is darker than shown – photo taken under the apple tree so the sunlight was dappled

Pleased and a bit proud of myself, mistakes and all it’s been good fun

The plan so far:
>I’m going to carry on using the two hook sizes for the two yarns.
>I’m not going to stress about the differing sizes as there’s blocking, which I’ve never tried but is meant to work like magic, also some clever soul suggested using the larger blocks for one project, the smaller ones for another.
>I’m just going to enjoy the challenge of crocheting the blocks and decide what to make out of them later.


PS:: I’ve found out a mug of earl grey tea on a lap-top does not reach a happy conclusion. Just to let you know in case you’re breezily sitting with your drink right there…. DON’T!

19 thoughts on “Week 1: CAL Blocks #1 #2 #3

  1. Wow you’ve done a lot!
    The extra yarns I bought on-line came today and I started the second square this evening. Demo square had worked fine but I have spent half the evening getting muddled about which side is which and kept having to undo rows because the pattern was reversing as your green square. So only half a square done! Oh well!

  2. Looking good! I must start doing my blocks! This is the perfect crochet along for me to get a break from the shawls I am making for a wedding :) I tried the popcorn stitch when I first learnt to crochet… Didn’t go so well! But practice makes perfect!

  3. Hi Rachel, you’ve made fantastic progress, I’m impressed! Have you ever tried crocheting over your yarn ends so you don’t have to sew them in at the end, someone showed me how to do it about 6 rows into my ripple, I’m so glad it makes such a difference.
    Looking forward to seeing more, Em

  4. Jeepers, you have been going at it like a bomb! I can’t even see the imperfection in your third block, not sure what that says about my crocheting skills :(
    Going to post pics of mine just now.
    Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  5. Wow Rachell, they are fantastic!! What a lot of fun you are all having. Am just sorry that I don’t have my book yet and wonder if I would ever catch up when it arrives! Can’t wait to see more.

  6. Ps Eskimo Rose is right about crocheting over the dreaded ends. I don’t have the link handy but go to Attic24 – Lucy over there does that all the time. X

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  8. Wow your – blocks look great! feeling a bit out of my depth now – after a few(many,too many to keep count) failed attempts of blocks 1 & 2 I’ve realised I’m more of a beginner than I ever thought! But will keep trying…I’m stubborn that way!

  9. Rachell, You’ve done a wonderful job on these blocks! Well spotted on how to get the decrease right. Once you’ve learned it, it’s like riding a bike. I love the colors you are working with and am a bit jealous. Think I’m going to have to order some on line and have it shipped across the pond to me here in Seattle, WA. The only yarn I’ve been able to locate that’s comparable to what Jan Eaton recommends in the book is a Bamboo blend and I’m scared it won’t block!

  10. Looking great Rachell. I have done block #1 and now starting #2…. I am using pure wool and my block came out 6.5 inches…so am happy with that..will see for the second block!! great colours :)

  11. FANTASTIC! Better get my yarn sorted *hangs head in shame*. Just a thought about darning in ends. With my other crochet blanket I have to leave a long end (at least the length of three side of the square) to use when sewing them together later. So you could leave them all undarned (is that a word?) until you join them… Bit late now maybe :s

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