Crochet village

Aren’t these beautiful? They really add a homely touch to a school setting, and made me feel v happy to see them being used and enjoyed.
There is a shop nearby which has started to sell old and new crochet blankets. They’re proving to be really popular with the resurgence of knitted and crocheted items.






4 thoughts on “Crochet village

  1. Looks like Reception class to me! Lovely thing to have in school. They will get really well used (but possibly trashed as well). Definitely not the place to take them if you have any emotional attachment to them!!

  2. Well…they’re there to be used and can be repaired, at least up to a point anyway. Admittedly I’m not planning to donate one of my blankets, though I might make them a set of dolls blankets in the future. :-)

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