Of course you can’t walk on the carpet!

I’m afraid it’s been undone again…I just can’t seem to decide the colour combination. Nothing seems to fit quite right. I’ve taken out all the squares with red in them and just kept the dark pink pomegranate colour.

On a positive note all the ends are now darned in!

I think the secret might be to carry on crocheting squares (and darning!) but without making any decisions about the final joining together of the squares.
This blanket is not going to be as random and easy as I thought it would
be; but maybe the finished product will be more satisfying because of all the thought that went into it?!

We can only hope!



10 thoughts on “Of course you can’t walk on the carpet!

  1. Oh I loved the green! :) It is so hard making these decisions… but at least with crochet, unpicking is a doddle! I shall be watching eagerly to see which colour you finally chose :), Jill x

    • I’m keeping the green! :-D
      The new squares that I’ve crocheted haven’t got any edging yet, that’s all. It’s the colour combination of the squares together which jarred, the red and yellow ones just stood out too much with all the pink and purple somehow. Funny since the point of this blanket is to use up scraps from the Rainbow Granny Stripe which had all the colours!

  2. I’m not very good at being random either. I like thingst o look random, even if I’ve spent hours debating. I’m sure it will be perfect when it’s done as it looks so pretty. At least you’ve inspired me to buy the stylecraft yarn pack xx

  3. Lol! I have a bit of an aversion to red and yellow next to each other. It offends my eye! It’s the thought of egg and beans together or egg with tomato sauce… It’s just wrong!! (Yes I know… I’m weird). Perhaps you are making two different blankets at the same time??

  4. I think i always like the idea of random, more than the actual outcome! I always spend quite a bit of time down on the carpet placing and replacing squares until it just looks right. I do need to get out of the habit of doing spreading out until it covers the hallway thought!

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