Alice May & the Rhubarb Ripple

Such changeable weather here at the moment. It’s truly April showers season. (It is doubly ironic when this, and other regions, were given hose pipe bans because we have been experiencing a lack of rainfall after drier than usual seasons. The day they were imposed the rain began!)

Sometimes the best thing to do is hurry home and get busy. After a little crochet-angst around this project I’ve been really enjoying gently focusing on the Rhubarb Ripple blanket.

It was really bothering me that the stitches weren’t lying on top of each other, namely the increases and the decreases. Plus although I said here in a very cavelier fashion that I would not undo a section after a change of hook size, I have. Lots and lots of rows, but I’m feeling much happier with it overall and am really, really enjoying gently rippling along. The stitches are now aligning as I worked out what the issue had been. I’m back to using a 4mm hook as I started with, this is because the thought of beginning from scratch when the first rows were fine was far too much to contemplate!

*This is still mainly an online diary of a beginner-intermediate crocheter so I’d like to note for self: do not drink wine and crochet a ripple. This is why mistakes happen and future crochet-angst will occur.*

As I uploaded pictures for this blog post I received a picture text of a very sweet little face, and a message giving me the details of Alice May’s birth this afternoon. Congratulations to her Mum! x

6 thoughts on “Alice May & the Rhubarb Ripple

  1. I love your photographs! The landscape is gorgeous and I’m so jealous. The ripple is looking fantastic, too! Sorry you had to undo some of it, though. That’s never fun.

  2. Great respect is due here. I seriously doubt that I would have undone so much to put it right. I’m a terrible one for carrying on and hoping it will be ok in the end (especially when I know it won’t!). I need to learn from you, but I suspect I shall have to learn the hard way!

  3. I don’t think I have ever managed to make anything with Crochet that I haven’t had to unpick at some point. Recently I’ve had to undo about 140 granny squares because the other 170 were a different size! I’m loving the colours of your Ripple and the name is divine!

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