Sunday afternoon


After a huge and absolutely delicious Persian lunch, to celebrate a birthday, there really isn’t anything better than snuggling under a crocheted blanket to read a good book.

Happy weekend :-)

Ps: I decided not to change the blog name by the way, thanks for your votes!

5 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon

  1. I really like the colours in your blanket, they make it look vintage. We have a small crochet blanket made by one of Mr Patch’s relations – maybe I’ll write a post on it one day. The book you mention in your original post – one of the ladies at the workshop had it and was recommending it too, I’ll have a closer look at it.

    • Tyvm Patch. Actually I suppose you could say the blanket is ‘vintage’ although I crocheted it in 2009/10 the wool (and it is- it’s not yakky yarn!) was mostly donated by S’s mother and mine – so is more than likely oddments from their and from our grandmothers collections!
      I used two strands of double knitting at a time and a large hook as I’d never crocheted before; this gives the blanket its tweedy appearance.

  2. The blanket is really lovely and i agree with Patch that it looks vintage with those colours. (Incidentally, I changed my blog name!).

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