First Day of Spring

I’m never sure what these are, but they always look pretty at the end of the garden! I notice each year I photograph them that they’re never sharply in focus. I think they move deliberately, but I still think they’re pretty.

Nearly there. I’m still not sure what colour(s) they’ll be…

A food parcel sent as I had to cancel dinner plans yesterday. (I reasoned that sharing is fine; apart from when it’s nasty coldy germs.)

Coq au vin underneath, it will be yummy.

Lemon pudding with lemon sauce, and raspberries. Mmmm. Wonder if it’s ok to have for breakfast? Energy boost?

Earlyish morning meditation. I should have kept a note of the interesting blog I found on how to turn crochet into a mindful, meditative, activity. If I find it again I’ll share the link.

Oooh! These are my get-well-Rachell presents to myself, only ordered on Saturday.

I feel the need to say I don’t usually read chick-lit, but I’ve discovered JC and this is the third the fourth of hers I’ve read this year. They are so well written, entertaining and make me laugh out loud.

This Colgan book has obviously been through a few pairs of hands! I’ll google that hospice charity shop to see where it’s come from.

Happy Spring to you.

Now I’m off to do some proper work before the programme leader at Uni cuts my fingers off one by one. If that should occur please send me bars of ready broken-up chocolate. (Any sort apart from Galaxy.) Thanks very much. :-D

8 thoughts on “First Day of Spring

    • Thanks v much Jill.
      If it’s chunky, ie: not super chunky wool like NT uses in the book, then start with 38 ch if you want to make it double the width. (6 shells instead of 3.) I have to say that ever sweet Caryn from Twitter worked out the new number of chains for me…I tried but failed and kept having leftover chains at the end of the row!
      I look forward to seeing yours! Race ya?! :-)

  1. The dinner looks delicious and I’m all for eating puddings at breakfast.

    Your seashell crochet looks superb – I’m still plodding on with my granny stripes. My daughter is so impressed that she’s asked me to make a smaller version for her cat. Truly a great honour!
    I do hope that you manage to remember the name of the blog that helps to turn crochet into a mindful, meditative activity – sounds intriguing. I find myself drifting into all sorts of reveries whilst repeating hundreds of treble clusters. Sometimes it becomes monotonous to the extent that changing colours becomes an exciting event!

    Hope your nasty cold soon clears up.

    Deborah x

  2. I’ve looked at that Super cute crochet book online before but have never bought it – can you let me know what it’s like and if it’s worth getting. Thanks

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