A wealth of talent


Have a look at this little lot, there are some really interesting patterns. I favour the granny squares and triangles nearer the bottom of the page best.

However I need to learn how to read symbol diagram patterns before I can try any. In person with someone else pointing at the beginning place would be best. It’s far easier when you can ask questions and learn alongside another. Anyone in Southern England who fancies having a keen pupil?! Failing that can you recommend an instructive blog/website/book please?

I found the link for the above site on Aunty Mum’s blog by the way. :-)

Also I’ve been meaning to share the link to this blog for ages; purely for the name ….oh what an original name! It really made me look twice when I stumbled across it.

Thank you for your tweets and comments on my I’m-so-poorly post yesterday. I am beginning to feel a bit more human but still don’t feel like talking much today…that’s a sure sign I’m unwell!

I’ve got to perk up actually as I’ve got crochet homework to complete soon! I asked Adrianne of Teeny Weeny Designs if I could have the pattern for her flower key cover as I have a stash of cotton and want to use it on nice projects. Adrianne’s written it up and asked me to road-test it as an English crocheter…exciting! Then she will make the pattern available in her Etsy shop.

Here’s one Adrianne made earlier….

Beautiful isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “A wealth of talent

  1. Ooooo you’re off with the trendsetting cool crochet kids again!! I love Adrianne’s key covers and was contemplating maybe having a go. But if you road test it then I can buy the pattern :)

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon! Love the key chain patterns, and I want to hijack the baby blankets from yesterday’s post :)
    Wanted to say thanks for popping by my blog the other day and leaving a comment….you are right, my new “about” page does not have any mention of where I am in the world, which is no secret as I do blog about it from time to time. You were close, but not American- I am a proud Canadian ;)
    Take care!
    Kristie from OCD

  3. Hello. I have to say I just love your blog! Patterns really are quite easy to read. When looking at where to start, you start in the middle and count the oval type shapes. This then becomes your foundation chain.. The symbols around it the represent the stitch you need to use.. Most jan eaton books will give instructions on how to read pattern diagrams as she normally has a few in her books, so it’s worth getting hold of one of them. I have her encyclopaedia and it is a key book I go back to all the time!
    Hope that has helped a little bit!

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