Rhubarbing & Rainbowing

So, this is how the newly christened Rhubarb Ripple blanket’s going. (Imagine you’ve gone to the end of the garden to cut some rhubarb for a Sunday crumble, and have taken your blue colander to place the sticks into. See? Everything needs a name.)

The Rainbow Granny Stripe is progressing in a very random fashion. It’s not at all challenging to make and so the ‘what next?’ element of choosing the colours keeps it interesting. Meanwhile I’ve planned the colours for the RR, but there’s no taping tufts of yarn to a card for me…that would be far too professional!

I’ve almost certainly broken the cardinal rule of crochet by changing from a 4mm hook to a 3.5mm as I go, but there was no way I was undoing it all. The tension was definitely going to be too loose with the larger hook. I can see where it changes, but if I hadn’t told you would you have guessed? Be honest if you spotted it – I’m interested, but not changing it now! :-)

The blankets are for small girls who like pretty, that’s why they’re so bright. The next one will probably be more sutble.

The little cotton strip on the top of the pile is for a jar cover.

Sadly I’ve got another streamer of a cold and so am not feeling very dynamic today. It’s particularly a shame when you’ve had a busy week and have plans to do fun stuff at the weekend.

I’ve instructed friends & family to hit me on the head with a large box of balm tissues if I crow about how many colds I used to have when I was younger and how much healthier I am these days….I’ve had two corkers of a cold since I said that last. What a wally.

I feel so blah that I’ve just text downstairs to ask for another cup of Lady Grey and a pint of water…well I’m ill….

A few drinks, and some chatty comments below would definitely cheer me up in fact. I seem to have a lot of visitors to The Little Room but few cheery hellos….go on…introduce yourself, I like meeting new people. :-)

10 thoughts on “Rhubarbing & Rainbowing

  1. Get well soon, Rachel. Some gentle crocheting is probably therapeutic for someone with a cold :) Both of the rainbow blankets look good. You’ve made me crave rhubarb crumble but rhubarb in garden not yet ready for harvesting!

  2. Hello, this is your friendly stalker here ;) Shame about the cold, hope you feel much better soon. I’ve done really well for not getting colds this winter…. So that’s me jinxed too. All the blankets look gorgeous of course and I Looooovvvvveeee rhubarb. Make sure you request choccie biccies with your next cup of Lady Grey (well you do have a cold). I have to go and make a Harry Potter costume for a party this afternoon. Happy crocheting xx

  3. Lovely colours! I like the way you organised your colour changes by tying them together, I’d never have thought of that! I reckon … after a wee bit of studying the pic … that you changed hook size when you moved onto pale pink. But if you hadn’t said you’d changed it I would never have guessed! It’s still very pretty and I’m sure it will go down a storm.

    • Thank you all for your kind comments.

      I think that was when I changed colour Miaou, but now when I look at it (and it’s on my lap now as I’m crocheting the first colour repeat…) I’m not quite sure. That can’t be a bad thing! :-)

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  5. Hi Rachel, your blankets are absolutely gorgeous. I love how you put the colors together.
    I’m thinking of making a ripple blanket myself. I have lots of different projects going at the same time, but this one I’m hoping to make for myself and give myself a fun, colorful Christmas present :)
    I have made some ripple small blankets before, but never a lap blanket. Would you mind telling me how many stitches you started with and how big your blanket is going to be with that amount of stitches….?
    I have just started blogging myself not long ago.
    It is Always so nice to read your blogs… I look forward to it. Thanks for the inspiration.

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