Flying over snowy Holland, from snowy England for a long weekend away

I loved seeing people skating along some of the canals, they were preparing for skating races and putting up start and finish signs.

Other people walked on the ice, alongside the skaters, just because they could I suspect.

I wish I’d been fast enough to take a picture of a youngish guy with vintage wooden skates on, they looked superb.

I really enjoyed seeing ‘Pimp my Bike’ before and after photos in a local magazine. These were a few I saw on our wanderings.

I love this photo!

There were heart shaped balloons all along a row of shops and resturants, this one must have made a bid for freedom!

No visit is complete without buying aged gouda, oh and truly delish honey mustard!

Tulip bulbs were purchased too, but too much energy went into choosing colours and tulip variety to take a pic of the flower market…

All too soon the lovely mini-break was at an end. The plane was de-iced, I sipped my champagne and we were off to tropical England (A heady 5 degrees! It actually felt warm!)

6 thoughts on “Amsterdam

  1. Wow, what an awesome trip!! I so hope to go to Europe someday. It seems like ya’ll are having an extremely cold winter! Ours has been much warmer than past years — many days are 75 degrees, although in typical Texas fashion we had sleet last night (the weather can change here very quickly). I loved your pictures!!

  2. Aggghhhh – those bikes are amazing – thank you so much for taking photos!!! I have to admit I am starting to become more than a little obsessed…. Have a wonderful holiday and I can’t wait to read more. Lots of love, Kate (from greedy for colour) xxooxx.

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