The latest mini project

Yesterday I thought I’d try making the little granny squares baby blanket from the new Let’s Get Crafting magazine which I got yesterday.

I get a bit bored with granny squares but the finished thing looks so nice.

The yarn kit has the nicest colours yet…

I crocheted the squares quickly and enjoyed using the yarn, as opposed to the cotton I’ve been using for the Hilton crochet. Yarn, even acrylic stuff, is so much softer and ‘moves’ nicely!

Lovely colours aren’t they?

I crocheted 3 more squares and that was it – the 9/9 complete.

Then I tried to crochet them together using slip stitches into the outer loops, rather than the matresses stitch recommended in the pattern.

And that is another story….

2 thoughts on “The latest mini project

  1. I agree, the colours are lovely and so is your crochet work. I hate sewing granny squares together, I don’t always want the ridges that you get with the dc method and I don’t really like sewing them by hand as they’re not always straight – they can look a bit wonky. Can’t wait to see the finished blanket xx

  2. I’m not confident about showing it at all at the moment, need to decide if to undo the slip stitching crocheting I did to fix the squares together, tinker with them, or start again and sew them as per instructions in the pattern (yours!)
    Ty for the crochet compliment though, that’s encouraging. :-)

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