Chickens & an egg-cup

Last week I had an email telling me I have been nominated for a Dorset cereals blog award. Basically all nominated blogs gather votes throughout the month, then the blog with the most votes wins the award for that month. The winner gets a super dooper goody bag from Dorset cereals, including the coveted Little Blog Awards egg cup which I would like very much. I go to work on an egg (remember that ad?!) regularly, plus it would be amazing to win something!

You also have a lovely badge to display on your blog. There’s someone very well in known in the crochet blogging world who already has this badge. Imagine following in her footsteps!!!!

Technical hitches around votiong have now been sorted, I’m told, and so if you are enjoying this blog please vote for me by clicking on the widget to the right >>>> or by following this this link 

If I did win the goodie bag, and the coveted Blog Awards egg cup I might have to crochet another George or Henry!