Anchor Freccia Colorful World Project

Recently you might remember that Coats crafts sent me an email asking me to make and blog about my experience of making some crocheted jewellery.


I had a go and to be honest have not got very far, with good reason. Can you see the section of crochet chains that are no longer fixed to the necklace chain? This is not the first section of crochet that has worked its way towards the join of the link and fallen off despite my double crocheting the thread to the links as tightly as I can. Baring an hour or so spent with jewellery pliers, which I do not own, going along the chain tightening up every link this project is not going to be completed as I can’t bear the though of grappling with a 1.5 mm hook and the absolutely tiny symbol pattern for sections of the necklace to fall off the links and the whole piece to unravel.


However if would like to see a more successful try at the same kit go to Emma’s Lulu Loves blog. I’d be interested to know if hers is being worn without slippage from the chain, but perhaps her chain was made with tighter links? If you would like to read more about Coats Anchor Freccia Colorful World products then check out their website here.

It’s well known that bloggers are sent books to review and products to test because they are more than likely to give positive reviews. Just the fact of being asked is indeed a huge compliment and gives real pleasure. So the temptation to carry on making the necklace then somehow sew it on to the chain is really tempting. However, I really don’t want to mislead anyone and generally hate to lie so I’m letting this post stand as it is, with the link to Emma’s more postive write-up and making experience.

One good thing is that I’ve found using a 1.5 mm hook and fine three ply crochet thread is actually far easier than I’d anticipated. The Anchor thread is firm so that even if you undo stitches the rest holds steady so that you can go into the adjacent chain or remake the stitch without difficulty. Just make sure you wear your glasses and sit in a well lit room – that’s my only caution.

My next project

Straight after winning the Blogger of the Month award I had an email from Coats Crafts with lots of lovely flattering compliments about my blog. They asked if I would like to receive a free kit to make a crochet necklace, and maybe mention it in my blog. Now I’m not into turning down a freebie, whatever it is, but when it’s crochet there’s going to be a definite YES!

I’ve been knitting a garment and feel as if I’m missing crochet, so this will be a nice change.

I want to write ‘watch this space’ but it’s pointless because you are already reading anyway so I won’t. ;-)