I never said this was a crochet blog from an expert, to inspire awe and wonder, did I?

I know I only really started to follow patterns and really learn to crochet last New Year; but I do get despondent if my item doesn’t look exactly the one in the picture which accompanies the pattern.

I’ve been really enthused about tackling the lovely circle cushion in Nicki’s Trench’s fab crochet book and have been holding out until I have a proper posh supply of yarn. Then last night I came to the realisation that what does it matter? I need to just have a go at it.

So, I’ve had a go at it. I’ve used scraps and oddments of yarn. Not necessarily the colours I’d have chosen if I’d bought yarn, or which go anywhere in my home, but whatever! Just crochet the  thing.

Nicki Trench states that this is the easiest thing in the world, that she often starts beginner crocheters on circles since they grow fast and are rewarding (or something like that..) Well, they would be fast if I didn’t have to keep undoing the circle as I go…

The issue is knowing where to go in at the end of the circle and me disliking the look at the joiny part. I just HATE the gappy bit where you’ve chained 3 at the start, then slip-stitch the 3rd chain at the end. Do you go in one loop of the chain? If you do, or if you don’t and ss to into the whole gap in between the chain and first treble, there seems to be a gappy bit. Then you have the issue after another circle of knowing whether to go into that stitch or not. The answer’s probably no. Almost certainly since I seem to have an extra stitch at the end of each row.

I decided not to let it worry me, hey let’s be free and experimental with our crochet. We’ll call it ‘free-form-Rachel’. BUT that doesn’t work when you’ve got to make a matching circle for the other side of the cushion. Shall it be a bag instead???


It needs to be a circle cushion.

Back I go to undo, undo, undo.


Here’s some pics before I unravel it.