I was merrily bobbling along the other day and paused to check everything over, because occasionally one bobble will be out of step If I’ve lost concentration at any point listening to a podcast. Then while pausing I realised that it was probably long enough. A quick measure and it was over 60 cm. Suddenly it was done! Well, nearly. I’ve crocheted one row of doubles along the top edge and then I have to do a row of reverse doubles, aka crab stitch, to finish off. And then repeat on the other edge. I’m really pleased with this, mainly because of the beautiful Hayfield Spirit autumn yarn. But also because I love bobbles. It’s been so cool to see the lovely colours appear. Works really well with the pattern doesn’t it?

I’ve also been making granny circles out of some spare yarn, just when I fancy doing a little crochet, but nothing too tricky.

Very rainbowy aren’t they?

Time to read a little more of Ian Rankin’s Rebus (#22) before I seize the day.


What are you making, listening to and reading?

14 thoughts on “Rainbowy

  1. Love the colour changes in the circles. I am reading “The Bullet that Missed” by Richard Osman at present but I have read a couple of the Rebus books. “The Bullet that Missed” is much cosier than Rebus.

  2. Simply Crochet is available through the Libby app from UK libraries. And I’m going to look it up because I love how you’ve delineated between the rows with (back loop?) a different stitch.

    • Not so much saying autumn to me as rainbow anyway!
      The title set in Alaska? Lots of the same title listed on GoodReads, but I’m taking a guess at that as it looks like an absorbing story.
      Lots of making going on over there (a long way down and across to the west this weekend) at the moment then. Goodo.

  3. Your crochet is gorgeous – I love all the colours. I didn’t get the Rachel Joyce book you read – third in the Harold Fry Series for Christmas so will have to buy myself soon. However I have started reading Miss Benson’s Beetle by Rachel Joyce and it is proving to be just as good. The attention to detail of people makes for a great read. I also have “The Music Shop” by Rachel Joyce to read. Just finished the “Last Book Shop in Paris” by Daisy Wood which is a story told within two interlinked time zones. Very good and poignant at stages.

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