A very sad loss

I am so sad and shocked to read of Teresa Kasner’s passing, a heartfelt post, written by her husband Dayle flashed up my screen a little while ago.

I really loved reading Teresa’s blog; seeing her home, family, flowers, all that delicious food and hearing what she’d been up to (lately acquiring much jadeite.) Reading her words and seeing her lovely photos often cheered me up when I felt I needed an injection of colour and good cheer.

It would have been great to have met her. I hoped I could surprise her one day, turning at the visitor centre at the Falls where she volunteered. Sadly the pandemic paused all international travel plans to visit family nearby last year, and surprise a fellow blogger. I know she would have loved it and the only issue would have been fending her off wanting to take lots of photos for her latest blog post!

I will really miss reading her blog. I can’t tell you how much. Many will. She was warm and friendly, delighted in receiving comments and communications. Such a giving person to her family and local community.

My deepest condolences to Teresa’s family on their sad loss.

3 thoughts on “A very sad loss

  1. It really is such sad news isn’t it. I have thought about her all day, remembering her warmth and friendliness and generosity. I shall miss her very much.

  2. It surprised me how close we become to our computer friends. I recently had one also pass. I had been in several groups with her and loved her insightful comments and her knowledge about our shared craft. I understand your shock and grief at this loss. Prayers for her family and for all of her unknown computer friends.

  3. This is the first I’ve heard about Teresa and her blog, but from a brief glimpse and reading her husband’s post, I already realise I was losing out. This is sad, and hard, and you have lost someone who had a place in your heart. xxxx

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