Yarn Along – October

With my group singing classes having restarted, via Zoom for now, after six months of silence and being able to craft a little again, I’m feeling much more like myself. Does that sound odd? Maybe you know what I mean? I have my creative ducks in a row once more. I’ve always made stuff, sung, read and cooked, since childhood. It’s simple straightforward stuff which makes me feel happy and relaxed. I’m pretty low-maintenance, which is probably a very good thing in these uncertain times.

I’m knitting a Close to You scarf designed by Justyna Lorkowska and enjoying the subtle colour changes in the Fyberspates four ply Vivacious yarn very much.

By the way, the chocolate in the photo was a late birthday present, it’s good quality milk chocolate with coconut and lime. It was delicious with that mug of black Assam tea. (I always like to know those little details.)

As for reading: I’ve read a quarter of Elizabeth Gilbert’s City of Girls so far. It’s 1940 and nineteen year old Vivian has been sent in disgrace to live with her aunt Peg in NYC. Peg owns a crumbling old theatre and puts on flamboyant shows with a limited range of storylines. The theatre seems to have an infinite number of apartments above it. This of course is the perfect setting for lots of weird and wonderful characters. I’m currently enjoying descriptions of trunks of tailor-made clothes which have just arrived with Edna and Walter. They have come to the city fresh from an ocean liner from England, with nowhere else to live and no work.

Joining in with Ginny’s monthly Yarn Along (and only a day late this month!) Check it out – it’s a really good way to explore blogs from around the world. There’s such a variety of knitting and crochet going on. Plus you might pick up a good book recommendation too.

8 thoughts on “Yarn Along – October

  1. I’m in love with the colour of your new scarf in the making!!! I have a cardigan in exactly the same hue. It’s great that you can craft again!
    The combination of Assam+chocolate is divine – I’m happy you love it too! 😍

    • Thanks! It’s great to able to make again, my hands felt a bit useless especially when listening to podcasts or audio books (unless I was walking.)
      I have phases and it’s Assam or Yorkshire tea for me now, I’ve gone off Earl Grey and Peppermint teas lately.

  2. I love the colour of your yarn and the chocolate sounds really delicious. Yes I know just how you feel about a little bit of normality- glad you are singing again. For me the things that have helped me feel like me- is having my hair cut, browsing in a charity shop and sitting in a quiet church with my thoughts.

    • Thanks Cathy.
      Ah yes! That first haircut in July was bliss. I was so happy I tipped my hairdresser quite a large amount, just for the pleasure of it after months of wild hair! I found my last Yarn Along paperback in one of my favourite charity shops, they’re magical aren’t they? Never know what you’ll come across.

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  4. Glad to hear it’s all coming together for you. Just the time of year to snuggle up with a cup of tea and some knitting. With chocolate a definite bonus. Such a pretty edge on that scarf.

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