Yarn Along – August

This photo was definitely not taken in the last few days. It’s been cool and rainy with 40+ mph winds again. But I did grab an hour to sit in the garden in gorgeous sun on Monday, and that’s when I finally finished my second make of the year. I’m so pleased with the pink and grey Rowan cottons together that I can’t bring myself to use it as an actual pot-holder yet. It’s hung on a cupboard door knob to be admired for a while. I know, I know….!

As for the other kind of yarn: I’m having a bit of a rereading fest at the mo. There are so many good books being published all the time plus trillions I haven’t read yet, but I’ve fancied rereading a few favourites for ages. And so I am. The first I finished this week: Bertie, May and Mrs Fish by Xandra Bingley. Quite brutal in parts but there’s something appealing about this unsentimental pen sketch of rural life on a farm in the post-war years.

My current library ebook is in prep for the next in the series, Big Sky which was published last year. I last read Started Early, Took my Dog by Kate Atkinson (one of my favourite authors) in 2011 so wanted a recap on where we left Jackson and with whom. I forget about the quality of her writing, there’s so much in this that I’m curious about and looking up: poems, poets, places and quotes.

Joining in better-late-than-never this month, just, with Ginny’s Yarn Along.

8 thoughts on “Yarn Along – August

  1. I like your pot holders and I share your reluctance to use actually use things like that. When I made my last dishcloth it was days before I started using it even though the old one was falling to bits.

    • It’s funny isn’t it? I do use the others I’ve made all the time – I haven’t thrown any away yet. That’s quite a good result, none have unravelled in the wash at all.
      I used to make dishcloths when I was new to crochet. They’re a really good beginners’ project aren’t they?

  2. Well done, they are beautiful!!
    Two days ago I saw a young lady crocheting and I immediately thought of you. Apparently, she was starting a dress. I admired a jumper she was wearing – she made that too. I told her about you, the trouble you had with your hand and that you are able to crochet again :)

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