Lucky Dip No. 1.

So, I’ve delved into my craft box and the lucky dip of unfinished makes brought up this pretty little bag that I barely remember sewing. I had no idea what it contained either! If it’s a sock it’s going to the bottom of the box. You probably knew that already, right?

I’m always so perfectionist when it comes to sewing. All I can see is wobbly lines of stitches after I’ve made something. But now I look at the straightness of the top stitching and the fact that the bag is double lined (contrasting green fabric inside) and I’m quite impressed with myself! Must do more sewing and stop trying to be a perfectionist. Expecting to be absolutely A1 at something new means your enjoyment is sapped and then I really don’t do any at all. I can’t remember the last time I got my machine out. If only someone would do the cutting out for me. Anyone else have a struggle cutting accurately?!

Anyway, back on topic. Lucky dip…

I don’t know that you’ve even seen this before? I bought the Rowan cotton in a sale for silly money in a knit and crochet shop after a dentist appointment. I do remember that part!

It was during my non-crafting time when I thought I might have a go at something simple; but of course using cotton isn’t at all easy on the hands even in normal times, so I crocheted what you see and put it away.

Less trying to get the agapanthus in the background and more of the crochet!

I note that it’s not even listed in my Ravelry projects. Luckily this is a stitch I’ve used before to make textured dishcloths and pot holders. I found the pattern written in my little notebook and I’d even marked the page, so I can carry on with it where I left off. Hurray!

I’ll combine this with a late entry to Ginny’s Yarn Along as I’m really into a novel that most probably read years ago: Sebastian Faulks novel Engleby. I’m listening to the audio version, but also reading bits and bobs as I have an e-library book too. I found it realllllly good to listen to while doing an hour and a half of deadheading and weeding in the garden on Tuesday. We’ve just been away for 5 days and the garden was bursting with growth and many, many faded blooms. So much housekeeping, but worth it for all the colour and general loveliness.

My concentration has improved again and I’ve been racing through books for the last few months.

My other book is a 99p deal I bought the other night. It’s very on the light side, but I’m quite interested in the story so won’t give up on it, though was very tempted to about a third of the way in. It’s The Missing Letters of Mrs Bright by Beth Miller.

Tell me what you’re making and reading at the mo? Please? If you’re not doing either, what’s keeping you busy?

9 thoughts on “Lucky Dip No. 1.

  1. Love the bag you made. I hate cutting out because I am terrified of doing it wrong and wasting money- much happier with scraps of leftover fabric. Glad you can do some crocheting again, I’m crocheting a simple lap blanket from leftover yarn for a local group who take nice things to local care homes- so good to feel a part of a group and cheering up others.

  2. Pretty flowers. I am getting to the end of the first book of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, reading it for the nth time. For crochet I am working on the second extension to my Celtic Knot Granny blanket and thinking that I ought to be trying out my plans for the border so I know what to do when I get that far. I agree about cotton yarn being harder on the hands/wrists. It’s why I took a break from making the crochet succulents.

  3. I’m still not into crocheting anything at all, but do get a bit of knitting in from time to time. One of those garter stitch triangular shawls on a circular needle. No brain power required whatsoever.
    Reading: Gourmet Rhapsody by Muriel Barbery. Not enjoying it nearly as much as The Elegance of the Hedgehog but it’s still pretty darn good. This is my light reading for when I can’t face more Hitler, but I’m more than halfway through the second of Evans’ trilogy on the Third Reich. I keep telling myself I should have made more progress by now. Don’t know why. It’s not like I’m doing a course on it or having a race with someone else….

  4. That is a pretty bag! I’ve only ever sewn a wee bit of patchwork, but I do remember that cutting out was my least favourite part.
    At the moment I’m still in the throes of sock knitting addiction, currently on my 7th pair.

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