The antidote

It’s a really long time since I woke up and fancied doing a bit of crochet first thing in the morning. So I got up straight away, before this state of mind disappeared, and along the way quickly mixed some enriched dough to bake soft white sourdough rolls later (This excellent recipe.) Then gathered up my yarn and hook to do a star shaped round back in bed, while I sipped jasmine tea. I also caught up with some of last night’s Liza Tarbuck radio show.

It was a pleasure to wake up feeling so positive and energised after what’s been my worst week of lockdown so far. I asked friends on Thursday if:

“Anyone else feeling *really* fed up with it all this week, like it’s the hardest so far now?

Relentless. Dull. Negativity everywhere. The weather change probably doesn’t help.”

The answers came flooding in and without exception everybody said they felt exactly the same.

Yesterday I found the antidote to feeling really fed up:

~Sunshine and blue skies

~A really good 7.3 mile circular walk

~Walking another – new to us – section of Shakespeare’s Way

~Bumping into a friend in a churchyard

~Going to her garden for tea and chocolate cornflake cakes

~Non-stop chatter and LAUGHTER

~Stroking her sweet cats

~Walking back reflecting on what a cheer-up fest new scenery and seeing a good friend is!

~Well earned G&Ts & Bombay mix

I think all that helped to create the buzz of energy and positivity I’m feeling this morning.

How are you finding life? Hope you’re ok. What’s your antidote?

5 thoughts on “The antidote

  1. You have such happy antidotes, and as always such excellent photos.
    My antidotes: a new lime green hot water bottle (it’s an icy and wet winter here!); an enormous new leopard print blanket (at a ridiculously low price on sale); a walk to a friend’s house to take rooted succulents that she doesn’t want; checking on my sweet pea seedlings regularly; sewing new things; planning on what to knit for a friend’s soon-to-be-born granddaughter; playing Banana Split with my daughter and her boyfriend in their new flat. Small things but, as you say, they add up.

  2. I have been so busy with the house move etc I have barely noticed lockdown except to be annoyed with the queues and time taken for companies to answer their phone! What cheers me up always is a phone call from or to family and letters from friends, or to write one to someone and cheer them up. Glad blue skies, a walk and a friend came along at the right time for you.

  3. Glad you’ve got your mojo back. It is amazing how much the weather does affect our moods – obviously it’s not just that, but it always surprises me how big a part it plays. Getting out into nature helps so much too… even when the weather is bad! I have been known to go for a walk on my own in the rain when all the boys have been driving me crazy. Calming crochet is helpful too. Somethings I just can’t do if I am feeling fed up though… cannot even consider playing guitar if fed up! My antidote this week was a quick visit to see Mum & Dad in their garden while the sun was out yesterday afternoon and then watching Maleficent snuggled with Thing 2 on the sofa.

  4. The change in the weather does make a difference. I have been feeling very sluggish when the skies are grey. But planning and starting a new blanket helps and talking to my daughter on the phone. Seeing photographs of fields (like yours) and dreaming of when this will all be over.

  5. Your gorgeous photos are killing me … in the good way! :) They are definitely my antidotes, together with a big mug of strong black tea, any one of Beethoven’s symphonies, reading Mansfield Park or Persuasion or watching Zeffirelli’s adaptation of Jane Eyre. Also going to a garden centre and shopping for plants.
    My best friend called today, we had a lovely chat and planned an afternoon together this coming Sunday, to celebrate her 30th baptism anniversary (she was 20 then). So I’m looking forward to seeing her and “talking everything through” :).
    Hope your good mood, energy and positivity stay with you!

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