Sit down! She’s tried knitting again

Apologies for any shock experienced – but I wanted to quickly pop in (twee blogging cliche alert, sorry) to show you what I tried yesterday!

I knit two rows of my stripy garter stitch blanket and my hand felt fine during and after. This is the first time I’ve knit anything since last July.

I’m not going to push it any more than two rows at a time for now. They’re long and I’m going carefully, so it probably takes me between 10-15 minutes which is fine.

I’ve always really liked the saying: Slow Progress is Better Than No Progress and it feels particularly apt today.

Anyone who’s followed the lament of my hand injury since last April (I know, it’s been over a year now…) knows this is big news. BIG NEWS. Yep I’m shouting.

12 thoughts on “Sit down! She’s tried knitting again

  1. Yea. 2 rows .. if you take it easy you will advance slowly but surely.. I am so happy for you… I know it is hard not to be able to do these things.

  2. Hooray!!! This is wonderful news! I’m really happy for you! :) :) :)
    We have a saying: “Patience brings roses”. In your case it has brought 2 rows of a lovely blanket!!

  3. I’m glad to hear you’re able to knit again.. that project is quite beautiful.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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