In the last ten days

We finally got the promised snow, the Friday before last. These few photos were on the Saturday when my Snow Face was all go. (Manic grinning and crazy happy eyes.)

I do like snow a lot, I’m just not so keen on falling over when it’s icy. I definitely need to buy some new walking boots; because although they are still smart and comfy, my leather Timberlands are a bit worn and shiny on the soles. It makes me very wary walking the day after snowfall, when everything’s frozen solid. Last year I ended up making the shape of a capital A, with my hands flat on the pavement in front of me and my bottom in the air, when I slipped on the ice! No one needs to see that again.

At the beginning of the week I’d driven Mum around to four shops to try to buy a couple of small brown loaves, as I wasn’t planning on baking any sourdough for a couple of days. The snow had been forecast and it seemed sensible to make sure she had some. We found they were all sold out nearly everywhere. In the event it was a wet kind of snow and so didn’t hang around. By Sunday, when we went for another walk, it was beginning to melt at the edges.

Snow days means soup days. I made a new recipe from Olive: Creamy Tomato Soup. It’s a delicate blend of flavours and went down well with the others, though personally I’d halve the quantity of cream, it was a little rich for me.

I don’t have the same comments about the chocolate in the cake I had last Monday, courtesy of John Lewis rewards on my app. Get the app if you ever go anywhere near a JL. The free cake and hot drink can be perfect, when you’re shopping and in need of a pitstop. What I love about it is the free cake includes pastries, which means you can have a rather nice cheese scone! This was a rare time when I actually had the cake and a cappuccino, rather than peppermint tea and a cheese scone for lunch.

Now I know daffodils, snowdrops and hellebore are winter flowers, croci too, but just seeing flowers popping out and nodding their little heads can’t help but make you think of spring.

By Wednesday it was hard to believe we’d ever had any snow at all. Did you spot the foraging ducks amongst the fallen beech leaves? They were too busy to turn around to chat to me even, though I did try to start up a conversation.

Look at that handsome strutting boy heading back to the pond, he was all wiggling hips and attitude as he knew I’d snap him.

Thursday it was time to cook a warming curry. Another Olive magazine recipe to try. We really liked their version of Chicken Saag. It’s a good blend of spices, filling lentils, chicken and shiny spinach. It was declared “A Winner!”

Friday morning and I made cheese scones for lunch. Oops I forgot to start the timer, so they were rather more crispy than usual, which actually went down really well. Good!

Then lasagne for dinner. This one. Absolutely yummy, a proper Winter Warmer with bells on. A robust Malbec to sip and the promise of some chocolate after.

If you’re not going anywhere Friday nights are made for a tasty meal, which has to fit within the criteria of a Friday Night Tea, there are rules about what constitutes a Friday Night Tea and definite no-nos. Do you know what I mean? I was delighted to find out a friend thinks exactly the same way, that made me realise how in sync we were when we started to get to know each other. You also need a good film, or tv which makes you laugh, nothing serious, and the evening has to include a little something sweet for later. No dessert or chocolate to hand is very, very bad.

It’s not all food, drink and chocolate cake, as lovely as that is. My weekly tally, added to my accumulative total showed I’ve completed over a tenth of my walking target now. I’m aiming to walk 1,000 miles this year, without pressure or in competition with anyone else. Over 100 miles walked already. Go me and my shiny bottomed Timberlands!

What about you? What are you doing, cooking or making in your spare time? Have you read any good books lately? I am absolutely stuck into Last Letter Home by Rachel Hore. It’s going to be a quick read for me as I can’t put it down.

7 thoughts on “In the last ten days

  1. I too love snow if it doesn’t outstay it’s welcome so lovely to see your photographs as we got no more than a sprinkle round here. No special cooking and reading an Ann Cleeves Shetland series book – “Thin Air” I am enjoying working my way through them.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your outdoors photos.. the duck is so cute. I also liked seeing your cooking exploits, we made a beef stroganoff last night.. it’s on my blog too. Enjoy your week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What a super ten days. I recall the South in the snow, everything coming to halt, empty shelves in supermarkets, give me snow in Yorkshire any day, as life just continues. Actually I am rather miffed about the snow, we had a mere sprinkling, certainly not enough to take a picture of.
    Your food looks delicious, especially the cheese scones.
    I am reading The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, think Cluedo and the most convoluted who done it ever. How the author kept track of his Groundhog day I don’t know, it’s very good , but you do need your wits about you.

    • I wondered about putting in for that book from the ebook library catalogue but have a little stack of reading. Does it get tedious?

      I’m not convinced about that, not in West Yorkshire anyway because my friend’s school is closed for snow days like here. Less heavily populated so rushes on essentials won’t make as much as an impact as for communities down south maybe?

  4. The book is very good, do read it, but you need to concentrate, not one for short reading sessions!
    I put it down to snow ploughs and gritting lorries and farmers who do their bu=it in the villages!
    Dad used to tell me about chaps who were appointed in the community to have responsibility for laying down grit and clearing snow, mile after mile of them, did he call them link men? If only I could ask him.

  5. Aaaaah, those daffodils! and snowdrops!!! Interestingly, we consider them the first heralds of spring, not winter flowers! Seeing them in your picture made my heart leap like a fawn.
    And that drake was definitely showing off :)
    We got a lot of snow last weekend. Not just the mountains and the countryside but Prague as well. I borrowed a pair of skis and went with a friend to try our luck at cross-country skiing, in an area just 10 minutes from our house! It was gorgeous, the sun shining, blue skies, white plane, snow glittering like diamonds… Perfect! One hour of happiness :)
    (The snow has melted completely by now.)
    As for baking, I made a yeast cake with pear marmalade for the weekend.
    Congratulations on your 100 miles!!! Well done and keep it up!

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