Yarn Along – January

Today it’s a dark afternoon and steadily growing colder. I made spicy lentil and coconut vegetable soup for lunch and read some Yarn Along blog posts while it cooked. After taking this photo I swapped the peppermint tea for hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. That’s my treat.

I don’t know about you, but after Christmas I always want to eat more veggie food than usual. I think it’s an intuitive thing to find more of a balance after quite a few meals with turkey, sausage meat and ham. If you can recommend any recipes, please do. Hugh is off my bookshelf ready and waiting too.

I’m desperately trying to ignore the fact that I have Hotel Chocolat goodies calling me. Today is Day One post-Christmas and epiphany (which is when we take down all the decs.) Monday and Tuesday were also Day One but ended with less success than planned chocolate.

Ignoring the total craft ban I optimistically tried again for 10 minutes of crochet during the Crimbo Limbo week, that gorgeously lazy time between Christmas and New Year. Of course it turned into 30 minutes, because I’m desperate to be making again after months of nothing, so I had to admit to stupidity and run for an ice pack. I won’t tell the Hand Therapist when I see her at the end of the month. My hand is definitely improving, but it’s a painfully slow process. Still, the upside is I have a legitimate photo to share for Ginny’s monthly Yarn Along. Hurrah!

The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton was ready to be collected from the library a few days ago. It’s an absolute brick of a hardback. Actually, hang on while I go and weigh it….blimey, it’s nearly a kilo, at 982g! This is not going to be a book to read in bed. I won’t be able to hold it. I’ll rest it on a cushion on my lap and read it downstairs instead.

I know, the plant above (a goose foot?) needs some R&R after being popped down somewhere inappropriate to make room for the tree at Christmas. Luckily it’s always very forgiving and seems to bounce back with glossy leaves and a perky demeanour. This poinsettia’s much happier…

What are you making and reading?

Happy New Year!

12 thoughts on “Yarn Along – January

  1. I sympathise with your hand situation, I’ve had both carpal tunnels done and another tendon release op. I still get achey wrists but got myself an iBeani – a sort of iPad/iPhone cushion – it also works really well with my kindle or a book and supports it without me having to hold it. This might work for you when reading in bed.

    • Thanks Emma. I hope your hands are feeling good now.

      I prop my kindle and books on a pillow and manage quite well, but this brick is definitely banished to the downstairs. I’ve got a really plump cushion from a Bloggers event I was invited to at John Lewis in Islington one year, it’s fab for balancing my books and iPad upon!

  2. Hope your hand starts to improve shortly. I was given that book for my birthday so I am saving it for a holiday as I don’t really like taking library books away with me. As for making I have managed a little sewing this week and some crochet., but can’t concentrate on a knitting pattern yet.

    • That’s good to know. I’ve read quite a few (all?) of KM’s previous books, absolutely loved The Lake House. My SiL read it too and we spent quite a lot of time talking about it, the setting and story was so vivid.
      Your blanket’s looking good!

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