Much warmer

Walking with a friend today, it felt almost balmy outside at 8-9 degrees. Lovely! Signs of Spring are back in full force as you’ll see.

There were patches of snow alongside the roadsides, piled up on the verges and the boundaries of fields. There are deep patches despite the heavy rain that fell on Sunday. I had to smile when I parked my car and saw this on the village green:

When walking with my nieces on Sunday we spotted a similar stump in a front garden, but with 2 carrots, 4 buttons and twigs on the ground around it. I wish I’d taken a photo as it was just such a touching scene.

We popped into the pub after our walk and I found out that it was established in 1605. It was a coaching inn where the horses would be rested and fed, the passengers too no doubt. The arch led to the coach yard and stables. It is an age since I’ve been there, it’s nice and cosy inside. Much of this old village is gorgeous with the ironstone dwellings, wrought iron gates and some fantastic walled gardens.

After all that snow and minus temperatures it’s amazing to see the snowdrops again. Aren’t they resilient? I guess the clue is in the name. Can you see the pink and yellow flowers on the right? I think they’re primula.

My friend has heard Johnny Depp has a house here. I wondered if it’s this one? You can buy coach house no. 4 next door if you like?

Frankly I took this is for the Americans! I know thatched cottages are always popular.

B was trying to walk fast, keeping up our brisk pace, get the heart pumping etc and burn some calories (her multiple gins at the weekend were playing on her mind.) Her fitness app voice notifications were kicking in with how many kilometres we had walked, how fast our average pace per km etc but I kept stopping dead to whip out my iPhone. I can’t help it when I see witchy wintery trees with an ancient spire behind. I love the twigs lying on the top of the wall where they’ve fallen off.

As a side note; I’ve just googled ‘how old is ancient?’ It’s far older than this spire, so I’m going to have to repeat myself inanely and say it’s very old. When I say the pub is very old, established in 1605, Someone raises his eyebrows, as his school dates from around 1400. It’s all relative though isn’t it? In Australia I often saw signage about very old houses, only dating from 1970 something!

The pace was slowing again, but I was not guilty. The mud was so thick and squelchy along the footpath we considered turning back, but both quite like circular walks. I had to scrape my walking shoes against a tree trunk, to get the worst of the mud off when we came back into civilisation. They were almost comedy clown sized shoes, encircled with mud.

One final pic for you from today’s walk is something I’m used to seeing around, but maybe you’re not…

It’s a mounting block for horses. Do you see them where you are? Are they as old? (I’m debating retitling this whole post Really Old. It’s been totally over used after all.)

Do you want to see a cutie patooty?

Here is Winnie and her Wave Blanket. Isn’t she beautiful? I love the way she’s got her hand on the top of the milk bottle! She’s five months old now. Her Mum tells me she loves her blanket so much and uses it everyday in her pram, the car and her bouncer chair. Wherever they go people ask where it is from, it’s lovely knitting’ (sigh! / smirk.) It’s attracted a lot of attention.

Springlike temperatures, pretty wild flowers, beautiful old buildings and seeing Winnie using her Wave Blanket, there are some reasons to smile.

What’s making you smile at the mo? If you’re not feeling great, I hope things improve soon. Look after yourself.

10 thoughts on “Much warmer

  1. What a lovely cheerful post. I’d happily live next door to Jonny Depp! Where is this gorgeous village? 😉
    I’ve been amazed by the resilience of spring flowers… Blooming, then covered with snow then looking like nothing ever happened as they continue blooming once the snow has melted. Amazing!
    Winnie looks gorgeous on her wave blanket.

  2. Thank you so much for your today’s post! It made my evening. I love the photos, all of them. I’d buy the coach house at once if I could! (in fact, I would gladly wash the dishes there in exchange for accommodation :) ). I’ve never seen a horse mounting block, I think we don’t have them around here. The snowdrops are lovely and those pink and yellow flowers are definitely primulas.
    The baby is sweet…:)
    As for what makes me smile: reading a very nice book, looking at daffodils in the vase, hearing from someone who wants me to proofread a menu of a castle restaurant (yummy!)

    • I couldn’t bring myself to look up the asking price though I did take a photo of me For Sale board. It’s just going to be mega money.

      Perhaps I’ll have to take a series of mounting block photos now!

      A castle restaurant sounds rather lovely! A night in the castle afterwards would appeal too, unless it’s haunted….

  3. Glad it’s getting a bit warmer for you :) And where is this amazing little village? I don’t particularly want to live next door to Johnny Depp but, as you know, am in the market for a new home. Perhaps if I scraped together every South African cent I have, I could afford a couple of bricks!

  4. Hi – I’ve just discovered your blog & spent a while (ok quite a while) reading through previous posts. It’s triggered a decision to learn to crochet properly as I love your blankets & Yorkshire cowl. I’ll have to start with a dishcloth or something equally small. I also realised we have similar taste in books as I’ve read lots of the same ones but have made a note of some you mention that I’ve missed – more to add to my kindle wish list.
    Any tips on dishcloths greatly appreciated 😃

    • Thank you Lee Ann.
      Just start with chaining lots, it’s basic but effective practice for learning how to hold the yarn well, getting good tension and scooping up the yarn in the correct direction etc. Then try trebles and doubles. You can make a dishcloth from one or both stitches, alternating them in different rows. Don’t forget your turning chain at the beginning of the new row (or end of the previous – whichever you prefer.)

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