Finally all the ends are darned and I can crochet the border! I can’t wait to visit little baby Winnie and give her this Wave Blanket.

It’s December 1st and so I’ve dug out my new-to-me books. I love reading Christmas fiction and a good friend passed on Coming Home for Christmas months ago. I think she’s got more for me too. I know she’s been looking out for them for ages, which is very sweet. I picked up The Little Christmas Kitchen in a charity shop months ago. Cosy reads for a cosy month. I’ve got several M.R James ghost storie anthologies on my Kindle, so will read some to balance out the gooeyness of the other books.

Talking of cosy; I’ve stocked up on Cadbury Drinking Chocolate and mini pink and white marshmallows too. I also bought a pack of All Butter Mince Pies yesterday. Well, you have to do these things right, and I’m not sure about icing sugar or frangipani topped pies. Isn’t that too much of a good thing?

What are you making, reading and eating at the mo? Go on, I’d love to know….

11 thoughts on “Cosy

  1. Wow. That was a lot of ends. My dad’s birthday is next weekend and I made him a scarf ages ago but still have the ends to weave in. I should probably get on that…..
    Also stocked up with all the Christmas chocolate here!

  2. Making – Just finished a baby blanket and need to find a new thing to make!
    Reading – The Cuban Affair by Nelson DeMille.
    Eating – Low carb stuff.

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

    • Yay for borders! Baby Winnie is going to love it. I finished my all my Kindle books the other day so I had to go hunting for more. Right now I am reading The Quality of Silence but I have some Christmas reads lined up too…. Christmas at the Beach Street Bakery and Covent Garden in the Snow. We have eaten Christmas pudding this week (it was shop bought and past its date so needed using up!!) and I cracked open the Baileys the other night. Making…. It’s cold…. I need to finish the garment, although it’s not happening quickly.

  3. Making – spirits of life CAL and embroidery peacock feather
    Reading – un sac de billes for french book club, City of djinns by William Dalrymple in preparation for a trip to India, and Little town in the prairie for a lighter read when i Don’t want to think too much
    Eating – slimming World friendly stuff, so trying to resist all the stollen cake i’m seeing everywhere!

      • I never read it as a child, so I’m enjoying discovering it all for the first time 😊. For me rereading winnie the pooh as an adult was the weirdest thing as I saw so much that was funny in the characters that is been oblivious to as a kid!

  4. Hooray the ends are finished!!
    I’ve had a slew of people having babies and/or hinting that they’d like a preemie octopus so I’ve been working on 3 at the same time! Good job I like them ;)

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