These unruly piles of crochet blocks have grown without a real plan. I selected a bag of leftover balls of Stylecraft DK and started to play with stripes and blocks of colours. I would love to buy a few of these colours again, to carry on with a proper plan in mind but this would be against the rules. I have full balls of DK, chunky, sock and 4 ply yarns of various quality yarns, after they’re used up I want to go back to only buying specific yarn,for specific projects. I didn’t go to any wool shows or festivals this year, because simply put: I don’t need anymore yarn.

This week I’m listening to A Hundred Pieces of Me by Lucy Dillon. I’m enjoying the concept of keeping only one hundred personal items and discarding the rest. It’s an interesting way of structuring the story, while revealing more about the main characters, as Gina sorts through boxes of her possessions following a life changing event.

I’m joining Ginny’s Yarn Along once again.


5 thoughts on “Playing 

  1. I didn’t go to any yarn festivals for the same reason, but I still seem to be buying yarn online! I must have enough to last years, the situation is ridiculous. I bought the book on your recommendation, thanks. Love your blocks, looking forward to see more!

    • I really loved it, I started out thinking it was a light and fluffy listen but there’s a lot going on in the story and it’s well told. I’ve just reserved the next book, at my library, Lucy Dillon wrote as apparently she mentions past characters as all her books are set in the same town…..
      Let me know what you thought of it!

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